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Mahammatkodir Abdullaev : biography

November 15, 1973 -

Mahammatkodir Abdullaev ( born November 15, 1973 in Andijon) is an Uzbekistani boxer, who won the Light Welterweight Gold Medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics. He won the world title at the 1999 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Houston, Texas. He was the flagbearer for Uzbekistan at the 2000 Sydney Opening Ceremony.

Amateur achievements

  • 2000 Olympic Welterweight Gold Medalist
  • 288-12 as an amateur
  • Beat Miguel Angel Cotto once and Ricardo Williams Jr twice in amateur competition.
  • World Amateur champion 1999
  • World Cup champion 1998

Olympic results

1996 (as a Lightweight)

  • Lost to Terrance Cauthen (United States) 6-18

2000 (as a Light Welterweight)

  • Defeated Miguel Angel Cotto (Puerto Rico) 17-7
  • Defeated Kelson Pinto (Brazil) RSC 4
  • Defeated Sergey Bykovsky (Belarus) 9-6
  • Defeated Mohamed Allalou (Algeria) RSC
  • Defeated Ricardo Williams, Jr. (United States) 27-20

Pro career

Also known as Mohammad Abdullaev, Abdullayev turned pro in 2001 and has had limited success. Although he won his first 11 bouts, including a victory over former IBF Lightweight Title holder Philip Holiday, he was KO'd in 2003 by Emmanuel Clottey, although he was winning the fight at the time, and it appeared that he was counted out only because he didn't understand the referee's count (which was in English). He has since lost to Miguel Cotto and Andreas Kotelnik.

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