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Luciana Salazar : biography

7 November 1980 -

Luciana Salazar Ortega (born 7 November 1980, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) from is a glamour model, singer, showgirl and actress.


Salazar started her career as a model at the age of four, when she shot her first television commercial. As a teenager, she began to work as a model in Buenos Aires and began to take dancing and singing classes.


Her breakthrough came with her performance on the television show Poné a Francella. In 2003, she realized several journalistic notes for the Argentine television channel America TV and made a controversial appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America, promoting her image even more. In 2004, she participated in a hidden camera sketch, on the popular Argentinian television program VideoMatch (later ShowMatch), on the Telefé channel, hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. She acted in the television series Costumbres argentinas, de las buenas y de las malas (2003), Los Roldán (2004), Amo de casa, Gladiadores de Pompeya. She also appeared on the film Bañeros III, Todopoderosos.

She also appeared on Chilean television, invited by the channel Televisión Nacional de Chile on the show De Pé a Pá on 24 October 2004. She took part in the erotic television series Luli in Love on Playboy TV. During the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Salazar was voted to be the national football team's representative, a role which many called "Godmother". On 2 December 2006, Salazar was presented in the 2006 Telethon of Chile to host a segment called vedetón.


Due to her exuberant figure, she has also worked on different street theatre works, such as Pijamas, becoming one of the leading media figures in Argentina.

Modelling career

In February 2005 she was voted Queen of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile, and became a very popular personality in that country. She took part in various fashion shows, and in that same year she was the star of Abtao Fashion 2005, an event in Peru, along with 70 other Peruvian models who modeled the latest designs.

Other media

She has been reported to have been recording an album as a singer, and has participated in the movies Brigada Explosiva and Isidorito.

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