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Luan Krasniqi : biography

10 May 1971 -

Luan Krasniqi (born on 10 May 1971, in Junik, SFR Yugoslavia, now Kosovo) is a former professional German boxer from a Kosovar Albanian family. He is a former EBU Heavyweight Champion.

In April 2006, he was ranked #2 by the WBO, coming before other heavyweight contenders such as Lamon Brewster, Shannon Briggs, and Ruslan Chagaev. In May 2006, he was ranked #1 by the WBO.


A half year later Krasniqi lost his belt in a fight against Przemysław Saleta. The man from Rottweil was prepared for eight rounds. But after an injury of Vitali Klitschko, his fight was pushed to the main event. Mainly due to this lack of preparation, although leading by points, Krasniqi apparently feared a loss and elected to quit.

After this defeat Krasniqi struggled to get back to the top of the European rankings. Finally on 14 February 2004 he won against the "Bull from Bosphorus" Sinan Samil Sam and became European Champion once again.

Professional career

Krasniqi won his first fight (with Harry Senior, 02.09.97). In order to improve his training he was invited to train with Lennox Lewis in Big Bear Lake, where he was in preparation for the fight against Andrzej Gołota. Luan showed that he could resist the pressure of sparring with Lewis. Since then, he has been to Big Bear Lake three times.

During Lewis' training for the fights against Shannon Briggs, Željko Mavrović and Evander Holyfield he was one of his sparring partners. Luan overcame with success the first hurdles of his career as a "newcomer" in professional boxing. He boxed extremely successfully for Panix Promotion 15 times and in 2000 after Lennox Lewis had terminated his contract, Luan decided to look for a new alternative. In February and April 2000 he built his connections with Universum Box-Promotion and fought a number of matches for them. In January 2001 he signed a three years long contract with Universum Box-Promotion.

The highlight of his career was the fight against Rene Monse, when he became European Champion. He was the first German European Champion after 29 years.


Krasniqi is the youngest of eight children to Kosovo-Albanian parents. He has often said that he had a happy and active childhood, growing up in Junik, a small town in the District of Đakovica, where in 1987 he finished his primary and secondary school, before his family moved to Rottweil in Germany. Krasniqi stated "my childhood was good, but when I learned that we would be rejoining my father who had moved to Rottweil in 1970 I was overjoyed. I had dreamt about a move to the city and now it was coming true!".

Krasniqi graduated in Germany his A-Level and an education as a wholesaler.

Professional boxing record

|- | style="text-align:center;" colspan="8"|30 Wins (14 knockouts, 16 decisions), 4 Losses (4 knockouts, 0 decisions), 1 Draw |- style="text-align:center; background:#e3e3e3;" | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Result | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Record | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Opponent | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Type | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Round | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Date | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Location | style="border-style:none none solid solid; "|Notes |- align=center |Loss | |align=left| Alexander Dimitrenko |KO |3 |15/11/2008 |align=left| Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany |align=left| |- |Loss | |align=left| Tony "The Tiger" Thompson |TKO |5 |14/07/2007 |align=left| Altona, Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Brian "The Beast" Minto |UD |12 |17/03/2007 |align=left| Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| David "The Boss" Bostice |UD |10 |29/04/2006 |align=left| Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany |align=left| |- |Loss | |align=left| "Relentless" Lamon Brewster |TKO |9 |28/09/2005 |align=left| Altona, Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Lance "Mount" Whitaker |KO |6 |28/05/2005 |align=left| Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany |align=left| |- |Draw | |align=left| Timo "Deutsche Eiche" Hoffmann |PTS |12 |04/12/2004 |align=left| Neukoeln, Berlin, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| René Monse |TKO |7 |31/07/2004 |align=left| Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Sinan Samil "The Bosporous Bull" Sam |MD |12 |14/02/2004 |align=left| Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Julius Francis |UD |8 |18/10/2003 |align=left| Altona, Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Doug Liggion |UD |8 |30/08/2003 |align=left| Munich, Bayern, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Przemysław Saleta |TKO |1 |26/04/2003 |align=left| Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Sedreck "Big Buck" Fields |UD |8 |08/02/2003 |align=left| Neukoeln, Berlin, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Thomas "Top Dawg" Williams |KO |1 |23/11/2002 |align=left| Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany |align=left| |- |Loss | |align=left| Przemysław Saleta |TKO |9 |20/07/2002 |align=left| Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| René Monse |MD |12 |05/01/2002 |align=left| Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Yuriy Yelistratov |TKO |3 |29/09/2001 |align=left| Wandsbek, Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Rene Hanl |TKO |2 |21/07/2001 |align=left| Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Paul "Rocky" Phillips |KO |1 |07/04/2001 |align=left| Wandsbek, Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Cleveland Woods |KO |3 |24/02/2001 |align=left| Alsterdorf, Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Rodney McSwain |TKO |4 |27/05/2000 |align=left| Southwark, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Antoine Palatis |PTS |6 |01/04/2000 |align=left| Neukoeln, Berlin, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Everett "Bigfoot" Martin |PTS |8 |19/02/2000 |align=left| Neukoeln, Berlin, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Michael Murray |PTS |8 |18/12/1999 |align=left| Southwark, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Alexey Osokin |TKO |3 |16/10/1999 |align=left| Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| "Big" Biko Botowamungu |DQ |5 |21/08/1999 |align=left| Dresden, Sachsen, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Ladislav Husarik |PTS |6 |27/03/1999 |align=left| Dresden, Sachsen, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Shane Woollas |TKO |3 |26/09/1998 |align=left| York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Abdelrani Berbachi |PTS |6 |02/05/1998 |align=left| Kensington, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Spas Spasov |PTS |6 |28/03/1998 |align=left| Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Stefan Trendafilov |TKO |1 |14/02/1998 |align=left| Southwark, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Phillipe Houyvet |TKO |4 |16/12/1997 |align=left| Nord, France |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Lewan Livingstone |UD |4 |02/11/1997 |align=left| Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Kevin Hudson |TKO |4 |04/10/1997 |align=left| Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Harry Senior |PTS |4 |02/09/1997 |align=left| Southwark, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |}

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