Lloyd Monserratt : biography

December 2, 1966 - January 9, 2003

At the time, Monserratt said he did not condone the violence and had left before it erupted. "This event was being used as an outlet for (student) frustrations," over racial problems, Monserratt said, "We have not seen a real commitment (from the University of California) to diversify our faculty, our programs, our administration."

California State Senator Art Torres, chairman of a special Senate committee on UC admissions, said the UCLA's administration was partly responsible for the troubles by not making minority students feel welcome on campus and that the election melee, while unfortunate, "was merely a catalyst for what was brewing underneath." In the fall of 1988, Torres held a hearing about racial tensions at UCLA, a series of racial incidents on that campus and on the UC's plans to ease the tensions.

After a change of control two years later, Monserratt's election victory was certified by the student government. Though he did not serve, Monserratt will be remembered as one of the few Latino undergraduate presidents in UCLA history. His picture currently hangs in the Student Body President's Office along with the other elected Presidents of the UCLA student government.


Monserratt honed his political organizing skills learned at UCLA by working for many California political campaigns. He used his experience to train future Latino politicians while the Director of Constituency Services at NALEO. A noted campaign manager, House minority leader Richard Gephardt once asked Monserratt to help with several close congressional races in California and Nevada. With Monserratt's help all six of the Democrats were elected. His personal style was to work behind the scenes supporting and influencing candidates and issues.

Candidates running for office he advised included Lucia Rivera, Ed Reyes, Vicki Castro, Jocelyn Yap, Nick Pacheco, the failed mayoral bid by Xavier Becerra and the Texas Senate campaign of Victor Morales.

Monserratt was involved in local Los Angeles politics. In 2001, while on leave from Pacheco's office to run the campaign of Ed Reyes for 1st District seat of the city council, Monserratt was involved in a small campaign scandal. Monserratt ran the phone-bank computers contracted to the mayoral campaign of Xavier Becerra. The campaign ran a tape of someone impersonating Gloria Molina disparaging the voting record of mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa. Though no laws had been broken, this action tarnished the reputations of all involved.

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