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Liza Minnelli : biography

12 March 1946 -

On the 12 of March in 1946 a girl named Liza was born in Los Angeles, and her origin doom he to a star life. Her mother was Judy Garland, a famous Hollywood actress and owner of “Oscar”, and her father was Vincente Minnelli, also very famous director and scriptwriter of musicals, who also had two “Oscars” for his films. Liza was a desired baby in a rich and artistic family, but her childhood wasn’t very happy and cloudless. Judy and Vincente’s marriage ended when their daughter was only four years old, and the girl lived by turns with mother and with father. She loved both parents, but father was main in her life.

Many family friends claimed that Judy Garland deprived Liza of her childhood, because a very little girl had to perform with her mother, and at the age of five she started to learn to dance step dance with the help of Fred Astor. Besides, Liza didn’t know what own house was – she was a real child of Hollywood and spent time in hotels, shooting areas, as they say, behind the scenes. Soon after parents’ divorce mother married Sid Luft, and this short-term marriage brought Liza brother and sister. The family was always travelling, and the elder daughter had to do all home duties, including answering mother’s letters from admirers. She had to look after Judy too, who was keen on alcohol and drugs, to hide pills, call doctors… The family was often hard up for money – mother didn’t know who to economize. During years of Liza Minnelli’s childhood she learnt in twenty schools and lived with four fathers-in-law.

But Liza didn’t have problems with career in childhood. Her first work was a role in a film “In The Good Old Summertime”, which appeared in 1949, when Liza was three years old. At the age of seven she danced on the New York stage, at the age of thirteen took part in a TV show, and at the age of seventeen she sang with mother in England. She decided to give up school at the age of sixteen and told parents that she wanted to be an actress. Father didn’t have objections, but mother didn’t like this idea. Probably, Judy considered daughter as a competitor, but she permitted her to enter the world of show business, though she refused to help her financially. So Liza began independent career with hundred dollars in a pocket. Life without parents wasn’t at all sweet – once the girl was even evicted from a hotel, they took her belongings towards the repayment of her debt. This night, which she spent in New York Central Park, Liza Minelli swore that she would manage without outside assistance. When Frank Sinatra, godfather of her brother, sent Liza five hundred dollars, so that she could hold out for the first time, she sent it away. She found a work of a model and made some money on the side as an extra in New York theatres to keep herself and pay the rent.

Hard times finished quickly, two years later. In 1963 she was given a main role in a play, but before a premiere the girl broke her leg, and it didn’t take place. But she recorded a song “You are made for love”, and the record spread with a big number of copies. It happened in 1964, when Liza had already played in a musical under the name “Best Foot Forward” and got “The Theatre World Award”, her first award. Owing to such successful record and prestigious award the young actress was noticed – solo concerts and tours around Europe started. In 1965 Liza got a role in a musical “Flora The Red Menace”, and her play was noted with a theatrical award “Tony”. The second work with “Flora” authors was also successful – a musical “Cabaret”, made by John Cander and Fred Ebb, it was very popular and got eight nominations from eleven on “Tony” award.

Critics began to talk about Liza, comparing her with mother and promising that she would become more popular than Garland. Certainly, mother and daughter were very similar in a manner of playing, but Liza didn’t like these comparisons – sometimes she even sang out of tune specially to avoid likeness. In November of 1964 Judy invited Liza to sing with her in London – and two joint concerts were called Judy Garland’s decline and Liza Minnelli’s ascent.

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