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June 7, 1950 -

Linda R. Greenstein (born June 7, 1950, Brooklyn, New York) is an American Democratic Party politician who represents the 14th legislative district in the New Jersey Senate, having been first elected to the Senate when she defeated Republican candidate Tom Goodwin in a November 2010 special election to complete the Senate term of Bill Baroni, who resigned to take the position of Deputy Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. She is the first woman to hold the Mercer-Middlesex regional State Senate district. She previously served in the General Assembly from 2000 to 2010.

Assembly legislation

Senior-related legislation

In 2008, Greenstein co-sponsored A1264, legislation requiring public disclosure of medical error rates at individual hospitals across the state. The AARP supported Greenstein's legislation, which will provide consumers with important health-care information and increase accountability and transparency in state health care.

Greenstein also co-sponsored A3371, a bill designed to protect all hospital patients and their insurance companies from being charged for a hospital's preventable medical mistake.Larson, Sy. "One Reader's View: Protect all from medical mistakes". (November 10, 2008). The Philadelphia Inquirer, p. 47

Greenstein also sponsored a bill in 2008 that would require all assisted living facilities to dedicate 10% of their beds to people eligible for Medicaid coverage and 5% to people currently using Medicaid.Harper, Derek. "State bill targets assisted living Medicaid compliance". (June 21, 2008). The Press of Atlantic City, p. 45

In February 2008, Greenstein introduced legislation designed to protect the elderly from insurance salesmen who push buyers into making unnecessary purchases, especially with annuities.Baldwin, Tom. "Lawmakers and AARP aim to protect seniors from wrong financial plans". (February 15, 2008). Asbury Park Press p. 102

Family-related legislation

As chair of the Judiciary Committee, Greenstein was the prime sponsor of bill A-571, the Prevention of Domestic Violent Act. The bill called for harsher criminal punishment and longer jail time for those who impair their domestic partners means of communicating with the outside world for purposes of control and abuse.

In the Judiciary Committee, Greenstein passed the Jessica Rogers Law, a bill created to provide for harsher penalties for assaults caused by road rage.

Greenstein stated her support for Ricci's Law, a bill that would require convicted drunk drivers to install alcohol ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. The bill is supported by MADD.Racz, Gene. "Lawmakers, MADD push for alcohol ignition locks". (July 26, 2008). "The Courier-News", p. 38

In 2009, Greenstein introduced a package of 10 bills in the state Legislature that would increase penalties for communicating online with minors in sexually explicit ways as well as allow wiretapping in investigations concerning crimes against children.Editorial. "Strengthen laws or online predators". (March 1, 2009). "The Courier-Post", p. 134 Greenstein has also demanded that any offender already registered under Megan's Law register all of their email usernames and passwords with the state.Delli Santi, Angela. "Lawmaker wants e-mail registration for sex offenders". (September 8, 2008). "Asbury Park Press", p. 31

Greenstein cosponsored the Toxic-Free Children's Products Act in the spring of 2008, which would ban the sale, distribution and manufacturing of toys and children's products containing Bisphenol A or phthalates. These two chemicals are linked to hormonal diseases.Delli Santi, Angela. "Lawmaker seeks ban on chemicals in toys". (April 9, 2008). Burlington County Times, p. 74

In March 2008, Greenstein was one of the chief sponsors of a bill that would allow workers to take up to six weeks paid leave for a new child or a sick relative.staff & wire. "Family leave a step closer". (March 14, 2009). "The Trentonian", p. 38 Greenstein’s bill received bipartisan support as her Hamilton district’s Republican State Senator, Bill Baroni, voted in favor of the Senate version of the bill in April 2008.staff & wire. "Paid leave clears Senate". (April 8, 2008). The Trentonian, p. 16

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