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Linda Pritzker : biography

1953 -

Linda Pritzker (born 1953, Chicago, Illinois) is an American billionaire, heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune, and member of the Pritzker family.

Political contributions and philanthropy

Pritzker donates to the Democratic Party and contributed $900,000 in 2004 to the attempt to defeat President George W. Bush. March 22, 2004 She also donates to liberal organizations such as MoveOn.Org and Planned Parenthood.

Early life

Pritzker was born in 1953, the second of three children born to Jewish-American businessman, Robert Pritzker,, Forbes (October 2006), Ford S. Worthy, April 25, 1988 and his first wife, Audrey Gilbert. retrieved December 21, 2012 retrieved December 21, 2012 She has one brother James Pritzker (b. 1950), a retired Lt Colonel in the U.S. Army and founder of the Pritzker Military Library, retrieved December 21, 2012 and one sister, Karen Pritzker Vlock (b. 1958).

Her parents divorced in 1979. In 1981, her mother remarried Albert B. Ratner, the co-chairman of Cleveland-based real estate developer Forest City Enterprises. In 1980, her father remarried to Irene Dryburgh with whom he had two children: Matthew Pritzker and Liesel Pritzker Simmons.

Personal life

Pritzker is divorced and has three children. She lives in St. Ignatius, Montana. She is a Tibetan Buddhist.


Pritzker identifies herself as a psychotherapist with a Jungian approach. She is the author of The Princess Who Wept Pearls: The Feminine Journey in Fairy Tales

Pritzker is a billionaire and has been listed on the Forbes 400. As of September 2012, she was listed at 298 with a net worth of $1.6 billion.

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