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Leonid Kizim : biography

August 5, 1941 - June 14, 2010

Leonid Denisovich Kizim (Кизим Леонид Денисович) (August 5, 1941 – June 14, 2010) was a Soviet cosmonaut.

Kizim was born in Krasnyi Lyman, Donetsk Oblast, Soviet Union (now Ukraine). He graduated from Higher Air Force School in 1975; and served as a test pilot in the Soviet Air Force. He was selected as a cosmonaut on October 23, 1965. Kizim flew as Commander on Soyuz T-3, Soyuz T-10 and Soyuz T-15, and also served as backup commander for Soyuz T-2. All together he spent 374 days 17 hours 56 minutes in space. On Soyuz T-15, he was part of the only crew to visit two space stations on one spaceflight (Mir and Salyut 7). He later served as Deputy Director Satellite Control-Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense; after May 1995 he was Director of the Military Engineering Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics in St. Petersburg.

He retired on June 13, 1987, and died on June 14, 2010. Leonid Kizim was married with two children.

He was awarded:

  • Twice Hero of the Soviet Union (December 10, 1980 and October 2, 1984);
  • Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR
  • Order of Honour
  • Order of Friendship
  • Three Orders of Lenin
  • Medal "For the Development of Virgin Lands"

Foreign awards:

  • Order of Sukhbaatar (Mongolia);
  • Medal "30 Years of Victory over Japan's Militarists" (Mongolia);
  • Medal "60 Years of the Mongolian People's Revolution";
  • Knight of the Legion of Honour (France);
  • Kirti Chakra (India);
  • Order of Merit (Ukraine).
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