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Lea Vivot : biography

1954 –

Lea Vivot is a Czech-born Canadian sculptor. She has studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Ontario as well as Prague, Czechoslovakia, Milan, Italy and New York, United States. Although her main focus is sculpture, Vivot is also active in drawing and printmaking. Vivot’s over life-sized bronze sculptures are figurative and often depict families, couples, mothers, children, and other subjects of humanity. Most of her sculptures include benches, which have become her trademark.


Image:Tommy_douglas_sculpture.jpg|Lea Vivot’s "Tommy Douglas memorial statue", Unveiled Sept. 10, 2010(Weyburn, Saskatchewan) Image:Sculpture Lea Vivot LAC BAC.jpg|Lea Vivot’s The Secret Bench of Knowledge (Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa) Image:Sculpture Lea Vivot Bench of Vice Prague 01.jpg|Lea Vivot’s The Bench of Vice (Sazka building, Prague) Image:Lebancdesamoureux.JPG|Lea Vivot’s Le banc des amoureux (Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal)

Works by Vivot

  • Following the death of New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton, Vivot announced that she would create three different public statues of him, for Toronto, Ottawa, and his hometown of Hudson, Quebec. CBC News. September 25, 2011.
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  • The Secret Bench of Knowledge (Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa)
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  • Lavička neřesti The Bench of Vice, K Žižkovu 1851/4, Prague