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Lazarus Fuchs : biography

5 May 1833 - 26 April 1902

Lazarus Immanuel Fuchs (5 May 1833 – 26 April 1902) was a German mathematician who contributed important research in the field of linear differential equations. He was born in Moschin (Mosina) (located in Grand Duchy of Posen) and died in Berlin, Germany. Fuchs died on 26 April 1902 in Berlin. He was buried in Schöneberg in the St. Matthew's Cemetery. His grave in section H is preserved and listed as a grave of honour of the State of Berlin.

He is the eponym of Fuchsian groups and functions, and the Picard–Fuchs equation; Fuchsian differential equations are those with regular singularities. Fuchs is also known for Fuchs's theorem which states that if x0 is a regular singular point then the differential equation


has at least one solution of the form

y=\sum_{n=0}^\infty a_n(x-x_0)^{n+\sigma},\quad a_0\ne0\,

for some σ to be determined. In some cases, there will be two linearly independent solutions of that form.

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