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Lame White Man : biography

- June 25, 1876

Lame White Man, or Ve'ho'enohnenehe, was a Cheyenne battle chief who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876, and was killed there. He was also known as Bearded Man (to the Lakota) and Mad Hearted Wolf ("Hahk o ni"). He was the husband of Twin Woman and father to Red Hat and Crane Woman and grandfather to John Stands In Timber, tribal historian of the Northern Cheyenne and author of the book Cheyenne Memories.

During the battle he may have worn a captured cavalry jacket found tied to the cantle of a saddle, although this account is disputed by his grandson John Stands In Timber, who stated that he wore nothing during the battle but a blanket tied to his waist. He was shot and killed by soldiers on the west slope of Battle Ridge. Later a Miniconjou Lakota warrior (believed to be Little Crow) mistook him for an Indian scout and scalped him before he realized his mistake. He was the only Cheyenne chief to die at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

One of the red granite memorial stones at the Little Bighorn Battlefield was erected in his honor on Memorial Day, 1999.

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