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Klaus Fleming : biography

1535 - 13 April 1597

Baron Clas Eriksson Fleming () (1535, Pargas, Sweden – 13 April 1597, Pohja, Sweden) was a Finnish-born member of the Swedish nobility and admiral, who played an important role in Finnish and Swedish history during the rise of Sweden as a Great Power. He was a trustee of Swedish kings John III and Sigismund Vasa.

The regent duke Charles (later king Charles IX) insulting the corpse of Clas Eriksson Fleming in presence of the Dowager-Governor of Åbo, [[Ebba Stenbock. Albert Edelfelt’s painting, 1878.]] In 1569 Fleming became a member of the Privy Council, in 1571 he was made Lord High Admiral and in 1590 Lord High Constable. As the Governor of Finland and Estonia he carried the duties of the highest authority of Finland and Estonia for the Swedish realm, next only to the king of Sweden. He was a strong supporter of the legitimate king of Sweden Sigismund Vasa and for that an enemy of the duke Charles of Sudermania.

Fleming's father – a grandson of Björn Ragvaldsson – was the Councilor of State Erik Fleming (1487–1548), also a remarkable man and King Gustav Vasa's favourite. Fleming's sons were executed in the Åbo Bloodbath of 1599.

When studying Swedish history of the time it is noteworthy to know there were many persons in similar position with the name Clas Fleming at the time. Clas Eriksson Flemming should not be mixed with Claes Larsson Fleming (1592–1644), admiral and advisor to the king, or Claes Fleming (1649–1685), nobleman and politician.

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