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Kim Basinger (Kimila Ann Basinger) : biography

08 December 1953 -

On the 8th of December in 1953 in a town Athens of the state Georgia a girl, named Kimila Ann, was born. George Basinger, her father, was a good musician in youth – he brilliantly played the trumped and the piano and even composed music, but, when he got married and had five children, he settled down and became a financier in a prosperous company. Ester, Kimila’s mother, also sacrificed her favourite business to the family – before she had children, she worked as a model and performed in a water show. But, when they changed artistic life for family life, Basingers didn’t regretted about it, because they had wonderful children!

Kimila, or just Kim, as they called her at home, was a very artistic girl. When she was four years old, parent sent her to a dancing school, and Kim not only performed what she had learnt during lessons, but, staying in front of a mirror, invented a new movements. Father taught her to play the guitar and the piano, and the girl also sang rather well. Though, she considered herself clumsy, gave way to hang-ups because of it and behaved herself like a gray mouse in school, silently and secretly. It isn’t surprising, that her classmates and teachers were shocked when they saw Kim on the school competition “Miss Carnival”. Not a distinguished plain girl turned out to be a beauty and a singer – and since that time she got confidence and even decided to make a career in show business. Inspired with the first victory, seventeen year old Kim took part in a beauty contest of the state and got a high title of a queen – “Miss Georgia”. As it is known, one should turn one’s luck around, and Kim, got the parents’ approval, went to New York – to struggle for a title “Miss America”.

It is interesting, that Kim went to sign up to the contest’s competition in her ordinary clothes – a one-size-fits-all T-shirt, which absolutely concealed a perfect figure, worn-through jeans and a peaked cap. But members of a jury estimated blue eyes of this strange girl, blond hair under the cap, and, what was main – her incredible artistry – at their true worth. Kim got the main prize by right – for “individuality and soft beauty”. After it she easily found a work of a model in the agency “Eileen Ford”. Magazines and commercials of the beginning of the 70-s were decorated with her photographs. But Kim, who became one of the best USA photo models, dreamt to become a famous actress. She was a serious girl, and that’s why she not only sang in clubs under the name “Chelsey”, perfected her voice, but also studied in prestigious classes oа Neighborhood Playhouse.

At the age of twenty three Kim decided to make a try – and with her friend, a model Dale, she went to Los-Angeles. Of course, Hollywood didn’t meet her with open arms, but Kim didn’t wait it. She was glad with small roles – in TV serials “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “Charlie’s Angels”. After the serials she managed to have a small, but serious role in a re-make of a famous film “From now on and forever”. The actress was noticed and considered a promising actress, and in 1978 Kim Basinger played her first main role in a television film “Katie: Portrait Of A Centerfold”. The next was a film “Hard Country”, but it didn’t bring Kim fame. And a year later, in 1980, she got married. A lucky man was her own esthetician and make-up artist Ron Britton, a forty three years old, jealous and scandalous man. Kim lived with him for eight years and turned into a real hysterical woman for these years.

But at the same time Kim Basinger rose on the first rows of Hollywood as an actress. Though, firstly it was her agreement to be photographed naked for “Playboy” that gave rise to her career in 1983. The actress’ beauty was unquestionable, and after the appearance of this magazine with her photos (on eight spreads!) directors literally bombarded Kim with offers. The first was Edwards, who invited Kim to play a comedian role in a film “The Man Who Loved Women”. In that 1983 Kim played in one of the films about James Bond “Never Say Never Again”. This role demonstrated practically all qualities and talents of Kim Basinger, who created an image of an erotic beauty, who got in nets of evil and vice. Thus Kim had her “trademark” – an image of an irresistible blond woman, who struggles with dark forces. “Never Say Never Again” went through screens of the whole world, and Kim was called the most charming actress after great Merilyn Monroe and a sex-symbol of 80-s.

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