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Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud : biography

1940 -

Khalid Al Faisal Al Saud () (born 24 February 1940) is the governor of the Makkah Province and a member of the House of Saud.

Honors and Awards

Khalid al Faisal was celebrated by the World Travel Awards as the World Travel Personality of the Year in 2010. This award is given to a personality whose achievements support the industry.

He was named the best Arab personality in the field of solving issues related to Arab youth in 2012. The award was given by the Arab Youth Media Forum, which is currently being held in Manama under the sponsorship of Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

Personal interests

Prince Khalid is an avid painter, poet, and patron of the arts. In 1999, he founded Painting and Patronage to "build and foster valuable bridges of cultural, artistic and educational understanding between the Arab world and the international community". While he was Governor of Asir, Khalid founded the Literary Club of Abha, the Abha Singing Festival, the Abha Prize for cultural excellence, and the Al-Miftaha Visual Arts Village in the capital city Abha. As Governor of Makkah, he established the Cultural Council of Makkah.

He is a close friend of Prince Charles, who is one of the most prominent supporters of Painting and Patronage.


Prince Khalid is widely believed to be respected in the family, appreciated for his combination of both modern and traditional sensibilities.

He has been mentioned as a future king when succession in the Al Saud passes on to the grandsons of King Abdulaziz. He was also considered to be among the possible contenders after Prince Nayef's death in June 2012. However, the sons of King Faisal, Turki Al Faisal and Saud Al Faisal, are said to be regarded unfavorably within the royal family due to their perceived air of intellectual superiority. On the other hand, Prince Khalid is stated to have some advantages in contrast to his brothers as a result of his long-term tenure as governor in that he is much known to the people on the personal level.

Personal life

Prince Khalid is married to Al Anoud bint Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud. Her mother is Nura bint Saud bin Abdulaziz, a daughter of King Saud. Her father, Abdullah, is a son of Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman who is King Abdulaziz's step brother.

His eldest son, Prince Bandar, is the chairman of the board of directors of Al Watan, a reformist newspaper. His second son, Prince Sultan is a naval officer in Saudi army. His third and youngest son Prince Saud is the deputy governor for Investment Affairs at the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).

Early life and education

Prince Khalid was born in Riyadh on 24 February 1940. He is a son of King Faisal. His mother is Haya bint Turki bin Abdulaziz Al Turki, a member of Al Jiluwi clan.

In 1948, Prince Khalid began to attend Model school in Taif to receive secondary education. Like King Faisal's other children, Prince Khalid was educated abroad after completing secondary education in Saudi Arabia. He attended the Hun School of Princeton, New Jersey and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in political economy from the University of Oxford in 1966.


Khalid al Faisal criticized negative coverage of Saudi Arabia by the Western media. He spoke out against misconceptions that characterize Saudi society as backwards and uneducated.

Political career

After returning to Saudi Arabia, Prince Khalid served as director general of the Presidency of Youth Welfare in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in 1967. His term lasted until April 1971 when he appointed the governor of Asir Province.

Governor of Asir Province

Khalid al Faisal was governor of the Asir Province in southwestern Saudi Arabia from 1971 to 2007.

He was credited with bringing the province a measure of modernity and prosperity. At the end of 1990s and beginning of 2000s, he sought to use its natural beauty and cool climate to attract Arab tourists. But many inhabitants were resentful that the oil-based welfare state has not provided for them.

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