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June, 1951 -

Keith George Faure (born June, 1951), from Norlane, Victoria, is an Australian career criminal, convicted of multiple murders and manslaughters. He is currently serving life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 19 years for his role in two murders related to the Melbourne gangland killings. Faure's criminal history includes further convictions for armed robbery and breaking and entering.

Faure and Chopper Read continued a lengthy prison war while imprisoned in Melbourne's Pentridge Prison during the 1970s and 1980s and Faure features prominently in Read's first few books. Faure was also the basis for the character of Keithy George in the film Chopper,,, 4 May 2006 who is stabbed to death in the film's opening scenes. Faure, portrayed by actor David Field was reported to be unhappy with his portrayal and used his anger at his depiction in the film as a defence in a minor traffic offence., The Age, 4 May 2006 In the drama series Underbelly Faure is played by Kym Gyngell although as with several other characters his name is not mentioned in the series due to a court order.

Criminal family

Faure's grandfather, Norman Leslie Bruhn, was reported to be a Sydney-based gangster who operated during the 1920s. He was shot and killed in 1927 during a hit ordered by Snowy Cutmore, who died with Squizzy Taylor in a Melbourne shoot-out four months later.

His brother, Leslie Faure, is currently serving a 14 year prison sentence for the murder of his girlfriend, killed in 1997., Supreme Court of Victoria, 4 February 2000 Faure's youngest brother, Noel Faure, was convicted of manslaughter for the 1990 killing of Frank Truscott of Rye, Victoria. Faure has been sent to trial for murder on five occasions and received two murder convictions.

Keith Faure suspected to be involved in the Murder of Carl Williams on the 19th April 2010, Carl told papers that he was 'comfortable' with his yard mates. Keith was known to have been on Carl Williams side during Melbourne's Underworld Wars. No links available.

Manslaughter of Shane Rowland

Faure was found guilty of the manslaughter of Shane Dennis Rowland, shot dead on 1 May 1976 at a house in Richmond.

Summary of criminal convictions

Date Conviction Comments
February, 1974 Armed robbery in company Sentenced to 2 years 6 months imprisonment.
April, 1974 Armed robbery in company Sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.
February, 1977 Manslaughter Sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.
July, 1977 Manslaughter Sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.
November, 1977 Armed robbery in company Sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.
April, 1989 Armed robbery Sentenced to 13 years 6 months imprisonment.
13 May 2006 Murder Sentenced to 24 years imprisonment.
13 May 2006 Murder Sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 19 years.

Melbourne gangland killings

Murder of Lewis Caine

The body of Melbourne underworld figure, Lewis Caine, (also known as Sean Vincent, Supreme Court of Victoria, 3 May 2006) was found dumped in a residential street in Brunswick on 8 May 2004.

On 3 November 2005, Faure and Evangelos Goussis, were convicted for the murder of Lewis Caine, the first murder convictions related to the Melbourne underworld wars.

Murder of Lewis Moran

Lewis Moran and associate Herbert Wrout were shot while drinking at the Brunswick Club in Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Faure was reportedly paid A$150,000 by Tony Mokbel for the murder of Moran, of which $140,000 was collected.

On 5 December 2005, during the comittal hearing for the murder of Lewis Moran, Faure fainted in the dock and was attended to by paramedics after suffering a suspected stroke. Faure pleaded guilty to the murder of Moran.

Trial and guilty plea

On 3 May 2006, Faure was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment for the murder of Lewis Caine and life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 19 years for the murder of Lewis Moran. Faure also gave evidence against Goussis on both of these murders in a deal with the prosecution in return for a reduced sentence.

Manslaughter of Alan Sopulak

Faure was found guilty of the manslaughter of prisoner Alan Sopulak in Pentridge prison. Sopulak died after he was stabbed nine times in the back with a sharpened butter knife.

1976 Clifton Hill ANZ Bank robbery

On 4 June 1976, Faure and two accomplices set out to rob the Clifton Hill branch of the ANZ Bank.

Faure was convicted of shooting Senior Constable Michael Pratt in the back during the robbery. Pratt was later awarded the George Cross award for bravery, however he was forced to retire from the police force due to injuries sustained in the shooting by Faure.

Faure was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for his role in the robbery and shooting of Pratt., Supreme Court of Victoria, 3 May 2006

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