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Kay Campbell : biography

August 12, 1904 - May 27, 1985

Catherine "Kay" Campbell (August 12, 1904 – May 27, 1985) was an American actress.

Campbell began her career as a model in Chicago. She first rose to fame playing the role of Evey Perkins on the radio serial Ma Perkins from 1945 to 1960. Her first regular televised serial role was as Helene Benedict on The Guiding Light from 1957 until 1964. She went on to play Rose Pollock #3 on The Edge of Night.

She had retired following her role on The Edge of Night but she was coaxed out of retirement by soap opera writer and producer Agnes Nixon, who had created the role of "Kate" especially for Kay Campbell on the soap opera All My Children. Contrary to popular belief, she was the not the first actress to play the role. Kate Harrington originated the character, was recast with Christine Thomas, who was in turn recast with Campbell. She portrayed Kate Martin from mid-1970 to her death in 1985, from injuries resulting from an automobile accident.

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