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Karl Eichwald : biography

4 July 1795 - 10 November 1876

Karl Eduard von Eichwald (4 July 1795, Mitau, Courland Governorate – 10 November 1876, Saint Petersburg; , Eduard Ivanovich Eykhval'd) was a Baltic German geologist and physician from Russia.

Eichwald was a Baltic German born at Mitau in Courland Governorate. He became doctor of medicine and professor of zoology in Kazan in 1823; four years later professor of zoology and comparative anatomy at Vilnius; in 1838 professor of zoology, mineralogy and medicine at St. Petersburg; and finally professor of palaeontology in the institute of mines in that city.

He travelled much in the Russian empire, and was a keen observer of its natural history and geology. He died at St. Petersburg.

His published works include Reise auf dem Caspischen Meere und in den Caucasus, 2 vols. (Stuttgart and Tübingen, 1834-1838); Die Urwelt Russlands (St Petersburg, 1840-1845); Le Lethaea Rossica, ou Paléontologie de la Russie, 3 vols. (Stuttgart, 1852-1868), with Atlases.

His work is not devoid of serious shortcomings-dependent part of the nature of the compiler. In old age, a few self-confident, willing to enjoy, not like admitting admitted their mistakes. Part of the errors were because of low-quality material, which for him was gathered often inexperienced or illiterate people. Therefore, the conclusions are not always deserve trust.

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