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Julius P. Heil : biography

July 24, 1876 - November 30, 1949

Julius Peter Heil (July 24, 1876November 30, 1949) was the 30th Governor of Wisconsin from 1939 to 1943. A Republican, he was born in Düssmund an der Mosel, Germany, and immigrated to the United States in 1881.1910 U.S. Census, State of Wisconsin, County of Milwaukee, enumeration district 270, p. 11-B, family 242. In 1901, he founded the Heil Company in Milwaukee, which fabricated steel tank cars. He served two two-year terms as Wisconsin's governor after defeating Philip La Follette. Often known as "Julius the Just," as governor, the New York Times reported that Heil was known for clowning and silly antics.

Heil toured the country to promote Wisconsin's dairy products. He was re-elected in 1940, but lost to Progressive Orland Steen Loomis in 1942, according to the New York Times, because of his unpopular labor record. Heil died in Milwaukee on November 30, 1949.

Election results

  • 1940 Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial primary results: Julius Heil, 223,819; James K. Robinson 106,570
  • 1940 Wisconsin gubernatorial results: Julius Heil (R) defeated F.E. McGovern (D) and'Wisconsin Blue Book 1942,' pg. 656 Orland S. Loomis
  • 1942 Wisconsin gubernatorial results: Orland Loomis (Progressive) (R) defeated Julius Heil (R) and Dr. W. C. Sullivan
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