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John Sarkander : biography

December 20, 1576 - March 17, 1620

Saint John Sarkander (Czech and Polish: Jan Sarkander) (1576–1620) was a Polish and Moravian priest.

Jan Sarkander was born into a Silesian (Bohemian-Polish) family, father Gregory Matthias Sarkander and mother Helena née Górecka of Kornicz (Kornitz), in December 20, 1576 at Skoczów in Austrian Silesia.

He studied since 1597 at the University of Olomouc and then since 1600 at the Charles University, where he became doctor of philosophy. Later, he studied theology at University of Graz. He was ordained in 1609 and worked in Holešov from 1616. He was accused of betrayal and tortured in Olomouc prison, partially due to his refusal to divulge what was said in confession. Today the St. Jan Sarkander chapel stands on the place of his torture. The original torturing rack and Sarkander's gravestone are preserved here. Sarkander was canonized by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Olomouc in 1995.

Frescos in Chapel of Saint John Sarkander in Olomouc:

Image:Sarkandrova kaple - freska Holesov.jpg|procession of John Sarkander in Holešov and Lisowczycy Image:Sarkandrova kaple - freska vezneni.jpg|incarceration of John Sarkander Image:Sarkandrova kaple - freska muceni.jpg|torturing of John Sarkander

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