Jobst of Moravia bigraphy, stories - Margrave of Moravia (1375-1411}, Duke of Luxembourg (1388-1411), and Elector of Brandenburg (1397-1411)

Jobst of Moravia : biography

1351 - 18 January 1419

Jobst (or Jost or Jodokus) of Moravia, Jobst von Mähren ( or Jošt Moravský; ; 1351 – 18 January 1411) from the House of Luxembourg was the eldest son of Margrave John Henry of Moravia, the younger brother of Emperor Charles IV.


Upon his father's death in 1375 he ruled the March of Moravia often quarreling with his surviving brothers and also held the family castle Luxembourg. In 1388 Jobst became Margrave of Brandenburg, given in pawn by his cousin Sigismund, son of Charles IV, who focused on the Kingdom of Hungary.

After the death of German king Rupert in 1410, Jobst was elected successor by four of the electors on 1 October, opposing his cousin Sigismund who had already been elected by three electors on 10 September. Though Jobst had the greater support among the electors, he died on January 18, 1411, clearing the way for Sigismund's election as king and later Holy Roman Emperor.

Marriage and issue

Jobst married twice, without issue:

  • Elisabeth of Opole (1360–74), daughter of Duke Władysław Opolczyk, in 1372.
  • Agnes of Opole (d. 1413), daughter of Duke Bolesław (Bolko) II of Opole and sister of Duke Władysław, in 1374.


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