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Joana, Princess of Beira : biography

September 18, 1635 - November 17, 1653

Joana, Princess of Beira (18 September 1635 – 17 November 1653; ; ) was a Portuguese infanta (princess), the eldest surviving daughter of John IV, King of Portugal (the first of the House of Braganza) and his wife Luisa de Guzmán (Luísa de Gusmão), and as such was styled Princess of Beira.


Joana was born in Vila Viçosa on 18 September 1635. Her father created her Princess of Beira, a title subsequently used by the eldest daughter of the monarch. She died unmarried in Lisbon at the age of 18 on 17 November 1653. She was first buried at the Monastery of Jerónimos and then moved to the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora.


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