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23 December 1956 -


Huerta de Soto completed a bachelor's degree in economics at Complutense University in 1978; he received a Master of Business Administration in Actuary Mathematics from Stanford University in 1983; and a PhD in Economics and Business in 1992 from Complutense University., see Curriculum Vitae, Titulos Academicos.

Honorary degrees

In 2009 the Universidad Francisco Marroquín awarded Huerta de Soto an honorary doctorate.[ Honorary Doctoral Degrees listing], Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Two years later, in 2011 he was named Doctor Emeritus of Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation for his work in economic theory and policy and for seeking cooperation between Spain and the Finance University. He was given a doctor's gown and trencher cap.


In 1985, Huerta de Soto was hired by Complutense University and taught a course there based on Ludwig von Mises' book, Human Action. in The Austrian Economics Newsletter. (Summer 1997; Volume 17, Number 2.)In 2010 he wrote the preface to the translation of Mises' Human Action (L' Accio Humana, Ediciones Destino, 2010 ISBN 978-8466411813; ). In 2000 he became a full professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos., see Curriculum Vitae, Actividad Docente Desempeñada.

Huerta de Soto was an editor of the Spanish language edition of works by Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek, working with the editors of the University of Chicago Press's Collected Works of F.A. Hayek. Seven such volumes were published between 1995 and 2001., see Curriculum Vitae, Labor Editorial; section includes information on the Compete Works of F.A. Hayek, pp. 1-2; New Library of Liberty, pp. 3-4; Journal of Market Processes, pp. 4-5.Jesús Huerta de Soto edited these volumes of the series F.A. Hayek, Obras Completas (in Spanish), all published by Unión Editorial, Madrid: ], Stephen Kresge, 1995]; , editor with Peter G. Klein, 1996; , editor with Bruce Caldwell, 1996; , editor with Stephen Kresge, Leif Wenar, 1997; , editor with Bruce Caldwell, 1998; Ensayos de Teoría Monetaria (two volumes in and 2001. For more details see , Curriculum Vitae, Labor Editorial, A. Compete Works of F.A. Hayek, pp. 1-2. He is founding director of the journal Procesos de Mercado: Revista Europea de Economía Política (Journal of Market Processes: European Journal of Political Economy) website, accessed May 23, 2013. and a member of the editorial board of New Perspectives on Political Economy. at its website.

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics



  • 3 volumes:
  • Series: Historia del pensamiento económico.
  • Series: Nueva biblioteca de la libertad
  • Also published in German as: (trans. from the Spanish by Ingolf Günter Krumm; The international library of Austrian economics series); and in French as: (trans. from the Spanish by Rosine Létinier; part of the Collection Science économique et liberté series)
  • Reviewed in:
  • (with Martin Froněk)Reviewed in:
  • (Originally as Socialismo, cálculo económico y función empresarial; part of the New Thinking in Political Economy series by the Institute of Economic Affairs)Reviewed in:
  • Also published in Dutch as: ; in German as: ; in Polish as: (with coauthors Grzegorz Łuczkiewicz & Mateusz Machaj); and in French as: (trans. from the Spanish by Rosine Létinier; L'Esprit économique. Série Économie formelle.) and (with Melinda A. Stroup, translator) (Reviewed in:
    • (with Melinda A. Stroup, translator) Also available as a .


For a list of articles published in Spanish and other languages, see the Huerta de Soto website., see Curriculum Vitae, Actividad Investigadora Publicaciones I and II and Otras publicaciones.

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