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January 15, 1940 -

Jenny Nimmo (born 15 January 1944 or 1942) is a British author of children's books including many fantasy and adventure novels, chapter books, and picture books. Born in England, she has lived in Wales for most of forty years. Probably she is best known for two series of fantasy novels: The Magician Trilogy (1986 to 1989), contemporary stories rooted in Welsh myth, and Children of the Red King (2002 to 2010), featuring Charlie Bone and other magically endowed school children.

The Snow Spider, first of the Magician books, won the second annual Nestlé Smarties Book Prize and the 1987 Tir na n-Og Award as the year's best original-English-language book with "authentic Welsh background". The Stone Mouse was highly commended for the 1993 Carnegie Medal and several others of her books have been well-received or shortlisted for children's book awards.


Charlie Bone and the Red King

Her best-known work may be Children of the Red King, also known as the Charlie Bone series or Red King series, in which Charlie Bone's magical talent embroils him in the sinister intrigues of his new school. , Charlie Bone titles had been published in nine foreign-language editions and translations into eleven other languages were in progress.. Jenny Nimmo's Official Website. Copyright 2006. Retrieved 15 June 2012. Originally it was the Red King Quintet after which Nimmo contracted for a new trilogy."New Charlie Bone trilogy for Egmont". The Bookseller 29 July 2005, p. 15. Retrieved 22 January 2006 via InfoTrac. The story climaxes in the fifth book and again in the eighth. Recently there is a new Red King series.


Jenny Nimmo was born in Windsor, England. She was an only child, and her father died when she was five. She was a voracious reader as a child, which led her to write her own stories to share with friends.

After working for a time in theatre, Nimmo worked for several years with the BBC. Part of that time was spent adapting other writers' stories for television including 40 episodes (eight "stories") for Jackanory readings. Her first book, The Bronze Trumpeter, began life as a television script. It was published by Angus & Robertson in January 1975.

That year, Nimmo married David Wynn Millward, an artist and illustrator. Their two daughters and one son were born 1975 to 1980. She currently lives in Wales, sharing her time between writing and helping her husband with a summer art school.

Millward is the writer or illustrator of a few published books himself, including four collaborations with Nimmo (1994–2000, marked ‡ below). Nimmo and their younger daughter Gwen Millward have collaborated on one picture book written by Jenny and illustrated by Gwen, The Beasties (Egmont UK, 2010). Gwen's first published book as both writer and illustrator was Bear and Bird (Egmont, September 2012). . Gwen Millward. Retrieved 18 October 2012. . WorldCat. Retrieved 16 December 2012.


The Snow Spider and its sequels were adapted for television by the veteran screenwriter Julia Jones, as three miniseries that HTV aired 1989 to 1991. The series introduced Osian Roberts as Gwyn Griffiths with Siân Phillips as grandmother Nain Griffiths, Robert Blythe and Sharon Morgan as his parents, and Gareth Thomas as Mr. Llewellyn.




  • An Interview with Jenny Nimmo by Wendy Cooling (London: Mammoth Books, 1999, ISBN 0749738626)

Short stories

  • "Centuries of Stories"
  • "Sisters"
  • "Take Your Knee Off My Heart"
  • "The Animals’ Bedtime Story"
  • "Your Late Dad"

Picture books

  • The Bears Will Get You (1990)
  • The Starlight Cloak (1990)
  • The Witches and the Singing Mice (1993)
  • Gwion and the Witch (Gwasg Gomer Legends from Wales, 1996)
  • Branwen (Gomer Legends from Wales, 1997)
  • Esmeralda and the Children Next Door (1999)
  • The Strongest Girl in the World (2001)
  • Something Wonderful (2001)
  • Pig on a Swing (2003)
  • The Beasties (2010), illustrated by Nimmo's daughter Gwen Millward
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