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Jeffrey Green is an American writer and video game journalist, and the last editor-in-chief of the now-defunct Games for Windows: The Official Magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World), which was published by Ziff Davis Media. He is currently employed by PopCap Games, where he serves as a director of editorial and social media. He was employed by the Sims division of developer Electronic Arts, where he has served as a designer, producer, and writer. Green kept his job at Ziff Davis after the closing of GFW for several months, before announcing his departure from the company. While an employee at Ziff Davis, Green hosted the weekly CGW Radio podcast (which later became GFW Radio), and hosted The Official EA Podcast.


Green has hosted and appeared on a number of podcasts. The first episode of CGW Radio was released on February 16, 2006, hosted by Green, and featured a cast of editors from Computer Gaming World. The magazine's staff, made to produce a show along with other Ziff Davis publications, including Electronic Gaming Monthly and Official PlayStation Magazine, initially approached the idea with apprehension. "The podcast started out as something alien and unwanted to us, but then quickly morphed into something we loved, as we realized the opportunities it gave us to entertain folks and connect with our audience in an entirely different, and much more immediate way." CGW Radio was renamed to GFW Radio with the rebranding of Computer Gaming World as Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. GFW Radio developed a "fiercely dedicated listener base" over the years; the show's last episode came after Green's departure from Ziff Davis, as well as that of GFW editor Shawn Elliott.

At Electronic Arts, Green approached his employers with the prospect of creating an EA-centric podcast. Green believed hosting a podcast would allow him to utilize past talents developed at Ziff Davis while hosting CGW Radio and GFW Radio. On his blog, Green wrote that while such a podcast would promote Electronic Arts products, he would strive to create a well-produced show. "So, while, yes, from the perspective of my employers the goal, of course, is to "sell" EA, for me, the goal is to actually have a good show that I can be proud of and that you will want to listen to." The first episode of the EA podcast was released on June 19, 2009. Green is also a regular on Out of the Game, a podcast featuring current and former game journalists, including Green, Shawn Elliott, Robert Ashley, N'Gai Croal, and Luke Smith.

Jeff Green has appeared as a special guest on Giant Bomb's Giant Bombcast (on 08-17-2010 and on 12-14-2010) and on Episode 87 of RebelFM.

Electronic Arts

Monday, September 22, 2008 was Green's first official day as an employee of Electronic Arts. Green began contributing to an unannounced project, but within a month was transferred to another project. "I am seeing some of the volatility of the game biz." In November 2008, Green said he was helping to research future games in the SimAnimals line. Within six months of his employment at EA, Green had been moved to a new project three times. Green wrote dialogue and other text for SimAnimals and MySims Agents, and helped promote MySims Agents at the 2009 Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Green has said that the transition from writing about games to making games was difficult, but that the work is "incredibly rewarding…simply for the fact that it is challenging me". The collaborative process of developing a game is what he has found most fascinating. "It becomes clearer and clearer to me just how complicated the business of making a game is, and the near miracle it is to get all the people involved aligned and understanding of what it is you're trying to do."

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