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Jason Plato : biography

14 October 1967 -

Timothy Jason Plato (born 14 October 1967 in Oxford) is a British racing car driver currently competing in the BTCC for MG KX Momentum Racing. He is a two-time BTCC champion having previously won the series in 2001 when driving for Vauxhall and 2010 for Silverline Chevrolet. He has finished in the top 3 in the championship 9 times and holds the record for the most overall race wins in the BTCC. He is also a presenter on motoring television series Fifth Gear.

Racing record

Complete British Touring Car Championship results

(key) Races in bold indicate pole position (1 point awarded – 1997–2002 all races, 2003–present just in first race, 2000–2003 in class) Races in italics indicate fastest lap (1 point awarded – 2001–present all races, 2000–2003 in class) * signifies that driver lead race for at least one lap (1 point awarded – 1998–2002 just in feature races, 2003–present all races)

Year Team Car Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 DC Pts
1997 Williams Renault Dealer Racing Renault Laguna DON12 DON2Ret SIL110 SIL23 THR1Ret THR27 BRH13 BRH25 OUL12 OUL24 DON14 DON2Ret CRO12 CRO24 KNO1Ret KNO25 SNE14 SNE21 THR17 THR26 BRH12 BRH2Ret SIL13 SIL21 3rd 170
1998 Blend 37 Williams Renault Renault Laguna THR12 THR24 SIL13 SIL22* DON1Ret DON25 BRH14 BRH2Ret OUL14 OUL21* DON19 DON2Ret CRO18 CRO26 SNE12 SNE23 THR1Ret THR2Ret KNO1Ret KNO25 BRH17 BRH24* OUL16 OUL22 SIL14 SIL26 5th 163
1999 Nescafé Blend 37 Williams Renault Renault Laguna DON13 DON23 SIL16 SIL21* THR1Ret THR24* BRH14 BRH2Ret* OUL1Ret OUL2Ret DON13 DON28 CRO16 CRO26 SNE14 SNE26 THR15 THR24 KNO1Ret KNO2Ret BRH16 BRH28 OUL1Ret OUL26 SIL1Ret SIL2Ret 5th 122
2000 Vauxhall Motorsport Vauxhall Vectra Touring BRH14 BRH21* DON16 DON27 THR13 THR22* KNO18 KNO28 OUL17 OUL22 SIL1Ret SIL25 CRO1Ret CRO2Ret‡ SNE11 SNE22 DON15 DON27 BRH17 BRH23* OUL19 OUL24 SIL1Ret SIL22 5th 160
2001 Vauxhall Motorsport Vauxhall Astra Coupé Touring BRH12 BRH22* THR11 THR22* OUL19 OUL2Ret* SIL13 SIL21* MON117 MON22* DON12 DON21* KNO12 KNO21* SNE13 SNE23* CRO12 CRO22 OUL13 OUL21* SIL13 SIL23* DON15 DON23 BRH13 BRH22 1st 336
2004 SEAT Sport UK SEAT Toledo Cupra THR18 THR21* THR34 BRH1Ret BRH2DNS BRH3Ret SIL13* SIL29 SIL32 OUL18 OUL22 OUL3Ret* MON19 MON21* MON3Ret* CRO19 CRO21* CRO31* KNO110 KNO21* KNO37* BRH19 BRH21* BRH32* SNE111 SNE23 SNE310 DON11* DON26 DON32 3rd 224
2005 SEAT Sport UK SEAT Toledo Cupra DON16 DON25 DON36* THR12* THR25 THR35* BRH14 BRH22 BRH33 OUL11* OUL210* OUL33 CRO14 CRO213 CRO33 MON12 MON210 MON3Ret SNE1Ret SNE210 SNE31* KNO16 KNO28 KNO35 SIL13 SIL2DSQ SIL36 BRH13 BRH21* BRH3Ret 4th 208
2006 SEAT Sport UK SEAT León BRH1Ret BRH25 BRH31* MON12 MON22 MON38 OUL114* OUL26 OUL31* THR1Ret THR2Ret THR33 CRO11* CRO22* CRO33 DON17 DON2Ret DON3Ret SNE11* SNE21* SNE36 KNO11* KNO2Ret* KNO3DNS BRH11* BRH21* BRH33 SIL18 SIL2Ret SIL34 2nd 241
2007 SEAT Sport UK SEAT León BRH11* BRH21* BRH34 ROC13 ROC25 ROC31* THR12 THR26 THR31* CRO17 CRO22* CRO38 OUL17 OUL25 OUL32 DON15 DON21* DON31* SNE18 SNE23 SNE34 BRH12 BRH22 BRH35 KNO13 KNO25 KNO33 THR12 THR22 THR34 2nd 297
2008 SEAT Sport UK SEAT León TDI BRH13 BRH23 BRH35 ROC19 ROC29 ROC36 DON11* DON22* DON33 THR1DSQ THR27 THR31* CRO112 CRO28 CRO312 SNE11* SNE21* SNE3Ret OUL11* OUL2NC* OUL39 KNO11* KNO21* KNO3Ret SIL11* SIL27* SIL35* BRH15 BRH2Ret BRH313 3rd 223
2009 RML Chevrolet Lacetti BRH16 BRH210 BRH31* 2nd 270
Racing Silverline THR110 THR26 THR34 DON17 DON24 DON33 OUL12 OUL23 OUL35 CRO13 CRO23 CRO35 SNE1Ret SNE23 SNE313 KNO11* KNO2Ret KNO32 SIL12 SIL21* SIL37 ROC12 ROC21* ROC312 BRH11* BRH21* BRH31*
2010 Silverline Chevrolet Chevrolet Cruze THR12 THR24 THR33 ROC13 ROC21* ROC35 BRH18 BRH2Ret BRH3Ret OUL110 OUL21* OUL36 CRO13 CRO23 CRO316 SNE11* SNE21* SNE35 SIL13 SIL24 SIL39 KNO16 KNO23 KNO31* DON1Ret DON23 DON33 BRH11* BRH21* BRH39 1st 260
2011 Silverline Chevrolet Chevrolet Cruze LT BRH11* BRH21* BRH35 DON118 DON2Ret DON36 THR1Ret THR28 THR31* OUL12 OUL21* OUL311 CRO14 CRO2Ret CRO311 SNE11* SNE23 SNE33 KNO17 KNO27 KNO3Ret* ROC11* ROC24* ROC35 BRH11* BRH21* BRH36 SIL1Ret SIL27 SIL32 3rd 236
2012 MG KX Momentum Racing MG 6 BRH14 BRH23* BRH31* DON14 DON2NC DON32 THR13 THR22 THR34 OUL1NC OUL23 OUL32 CRO1NC CRO27 CRO31* SNE11* SNE23* SNE33 KNO1Ret KNO211 KNO3Ret ROC11* ROC23 ROC33 SIL11* SIL2Ret* SIL31* BRH18 BRH25 BRH38 3rd 376
2013 MG KX Momentum Racing MG 6 BRH11* BRH21* BRH35 DON14 DON22 DON38 THR12 THR25 THR322* OUL11* OUL21* OUL3Ret CRO15 CRO220* CRO36 SNE1 SNE2 SNE3 KNO1 KNO2 KNO3 ROC1 ROC2 ROC3 SIL1 SIL2 SIL3 BRH1 BRH2 BRH3 3rd* 188*
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