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22 September 1967 - 21 June 2003

Jason Matthew Patrick Moran (22 September 1967 – 21 June 2003) was an Australian criminal from Melbourne, Victoria, and one of the leaders of the Moran crime family, notable for its involvement in the Melbourne gangland killings. He sported a 12 cm scar on the side of his face.


Pasquale Barbaro and Moran were gunned down on 21 June 2003 at a junior football clinic in Essendon, where they had been watching Moran's young children. On returning to their motor vehicle they were shot dead by a lone gunman. Police feared that the murders would lead to further violence in the Melbourne underworld war. Father Joe Giaccobe, a friend of the Moran family performed Moran's funeral. During the service another priest, Father John Martin said:

"Any funeral presents a challenge. Obviously, the church does not make judgements about the person. They need the prayers and whatever the church can do for them...They have to answer to God. We will not deny them".

Moran's father, Lewis Moran, was unable to attend the service due to incarceration at Port Phillip Correctional Centre. Authorities refused Moran's request to allow him to be released from prison to attend the service. Lewis Moran was later murdered while drinking in a Brunswick bar.Silvester and Rule (2004). Leadbelly, page 173, ISBN 0-9752318-0-4

On 28 February 2007, Carl Williams pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court of Victoria to the murder of Jason Moran. The actual shooting was done by Victor Brincat with Williams having organised the killing. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on 7 May 2007. Carl Williams was murdered while incarcerated at Barwon prison on 19 April 2010.

Early life

Moran was the son of Lewis Moran and Judy Moran. Mark Moran was his half-brother. Moran attended Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School. He met his future wife, Trisha Kane, at 15 years of age. She is the daughter of Les Kane, a Melbourne painter and docker and reputed criminal who was murdered in his family home on 19 October 1978.Silvester and Rule (2004). Leadbelly, p. 130, ISBN 0-9752318-0-4

During the 90's Moran emerged as one of Melbourne's main dealers in "party" drugs. During this time he had a team of up and coming western suburbs gangsters led by Bluey Watkins and Toofie Abudul running drugs for him. Watkins has been a missing person since the mid 90's while Abudul served time for conspiracy. Watkins is believed to have witnessed Moran murder a rival drug dealer at the age of fourteen and believed to have been uncontrollable even for the Morans. Jason looked apon Watkins as a son while only putting up with Abudul.

Moran was reported to have shot Carl Williams in the stomach during an argument in Gladstone Park on 13 October 1999, giving rise to lengthy violent turf wars known as the Melbourne gangland killings. Silvester and Rule, op cit, p. 131 Jason Moran had attended the funeral of another slain mobster, Victor Peirce.

Alphonse Gangitano and Moran, along with associate Mark John McNamara, were charged over an attack in the Sports Bar nightclub in King Street, Melbourne, on 19 December 1995, Silvester and Rule, op cit, p. 129 for which Moran received a term of imprisonment.

Moran was considered by many to be a "dead man walking" and when paroled from prison in September 2001 was allowed to leave Australia due to fears for his life. He later returned to give evidence in the inquest into the death of Gangitano on 20 November which began on 14 January 2002. Moran was suspected in Gangitano's murder. Silvester and Rule, op cit, p. 40 Gangitano was found dead in the laundry of his Templestowe house by his wife in 1998. Silvester and Rule, op cit, p. 32 A coroner found that Jason Moran and Graham Kinniburgh were present during Gangitano's murder in January 1998. According to former Moran associate Bertie Wrout , however, Wrout B & Quine, B, (2012) Kill the Morans , it was Kinniburgh who killed Gangitano and Mark, not Jason, Moran was his accomplice.

References in popular culture

In the drama series Underbelly Jason Moran is played by actor Les Hill.

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