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Jaroslav Bába : biography

2 September 1984 -

Jaroslav Bába () (born 2 September 1984 in Karviná, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech high jumper.

At the 2004 IAAF World Indoor Championships he jumped 2.25 metres, winning a joint bronze medal along with Germaine Mason and Ştefan Vasilache. In the same year he won the Olympic bronze medal with a jump of 2.34 m.

In 2005 he jumped a new personal best of 2.36 m in July in Rome, and later finished fifth at the World Championships. He had 2.37 m on the indoor track in Arnstadt from February of the same year. He did not compete in the 2006 season. During the summer of 2009 he spent several weeks in England to improve his English language skills.


2002 World Junior Championships Kingston, Jamaica 8th 2.18 m
2003 World Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 9th 2.25 m
European Junior Championships Tampere, Finland 1st 2.28 m
World Championships Paris, France 11th 2.25 m
2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 3rd 2.25 m
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 3rd 2.34 m PB
World Athletics Final Monte Carlo, Monaco 7th
2005 European Indoor Championships Madrid, Spain 4th 2.30 m
European U23 Championships Erfurt, Germany 1st 2.29 m
World Championships Helsinki, Finland 5th 2.29 m
World Athletics Final Monte Carlo, Monaco 7th
2007 World Championships Osaka, Japan 8th 2.26 m
2008 World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 9th 2.23 m
Olympic Games Beijing, China 6th 2.29 m
2009 European Indoor Championships Turin, Italy 20th (q) 2.17 m
World Championships Berlin, Germany 5th 2.23 m
2010 World Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 11th (q) 2.23 m
European Championships Barcelona, Spain 5th 2.26 m
2011 European Indoor Championships Paris, France 2nd 2.34 m
European Team Championships Stockholm, Sweden 3rd 2.28 m
World Championships Daegu, South Korea 4th 2.32 m
2012 World Indoor Championships Istanbul, Turkey 13th (q) 2.22 m
European Championships Helsinki, Finland 8th 2.24 m
Olympic Games London, United Kingdom 21st (q) 2.21 m
2013 European Indoor Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 3rd 2.31 m
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