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Jan Rodowicz : biography

March 7, 1923 - January 7, 1949

Jan Rodowicz codename: Anoda (b. March 7, 1923 in Warsaw - January 7, 1949 in Warsaw, Poland) was a Polish Scoutmaster (podharcmistrz), First Lieutenant of the AK-Szare Szeregi.

During the German occupation of Poland in World War II Rodowicz was member of Wawer and the Grupy Szturmowe (Assault Groups) of the Szare Szeregi. He took part in several sabotage actions against the German forces, among others in the so-called Arsenal action on March 26, 1943. During the Warsaw Uprising he was second-in-commander of the III platoon "Felek", 2. company "Rudy" of the Batalion Zośka.

In December 1948 he was arrested by the communist Ministry of Public Security of Poland and died on January 7, 1949. He was tortured and beaten to death.

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