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Jan Feliks "Szram" Tarnowski : biography

31 July 1471 - 21 March 1507

Jan Feliks Tarnowski (1471–1507) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic).

Jan Feliks was owner of Wielowieś, Rzochów and Wadowice estates. He was Chorąży of Kraków since 20 February 1484, starost of Belz since 28 December 1485, Stolnik of the Royal court since 27 May 1494, castellan of Lublin since 27 December 1497, voivode of Lublin Voivodeship before 28 May 1499, voivode of Sandomierz Voivodeship since 6 March 1501, voivode of Kraków Voivodeship and starost of Horodło since 1 September 1505.

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