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James McBride (pioneer) : biography

1788 - 1859

James McBride (1788 – 1859) was a prominent pioneer statesman in Butler County, Ohio. He was Hamilton's first Mayor, and a prominent State Representative associated with the canals, archaeologist who supplied a considerable number of sketches of earthworks for early texts on the Mississippi Valley, Ohio's leading pioneer author and antiquarian, Miami University Secretary and President of the Board of Trustees, Butler County's fifth Sheriff, a surveyor, and an officer of other various entities. James McBride married the daughter of Judge Lytle, of the Lytle family of the Ohio River Valley, and was through her kinsman with Sen. Homer T. Bone, and Governor of Ohio Andrew L. Harris. McBride's son in law was Roger N. Stembel, a commander of the Pacific Fleet.

McBride became an ardent convert to John C. Symmes' Hollow Earth theory, and wrote a book in support of it in 1826.

McBride Hall is a dormitory on the Miami University campus named in McBride's memory.

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