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Jama Ali Jama : biography


Jama Ali Jama ( ) is a Somali politician. He was the President of Puntland from November 14, 2001 to May 8, 2002. - Worldstatesmen.com


Jama later joined the Somali National Army, rising to the rank of Colonel.

In the mid-1970s, the Soviet Union promoted Jama as the chief ideologue of socialism in the Horn of Africa. He was later imprisoned for 11 years by the regime of Mohamed Siad Barre after having been accused of participating in an abortive coup d'état.

In November 2001, Jama was elected as President of Puntland. However, the position was contested with outgoing President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, who wanted his tenure extended. Ahmed emerged victorious the following year, and served out his second term as president until October 2004.

Jama subsequently became a legislator in the Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP).

Early life

Jama was born to a family from the Osman Mahmoud sub-clan of the Majeerteen Darod.

He was educated in Moscow.

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