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1975 -

Jack Lawrence (born 1975 in Canterbury, Kent) is a British comics creator. Prior to 2002 he also worked as an animator.


Lawrence took a General Art and Design BTEC First Diploma at Canterbury Technical College, then went on to the KIAD at Canterbury to study for a BTEC National in the same subject. After becoming disenfranchised with art education, he then worked "regular" jobs in order to train himself in the field he wanted to be in. In 2000, he became a character animator for the U.K.-based Web design company Lightmaker. He worked there for three years before becoming a freelance artist.

Lawrence came onto the comics scene with his own title, Darkham Vale, which he created, wrote, pencilled, inked and coloured. The series ran for a self-contained ten issues, which received acclaim, especially for a new creator and a small publisher.

He went on to find success with Lions, Tigers and Bears, written by Mike Bullock and published by Image. A four-issue series, Lions, Tigers and Bears, was a surprise hit that revolved around a young boy and his stuffed animals.

Lawrence is now a successful freelance comics illustrator, working on titles such as A.T.O.M., Doctor Who Adventures and 2000 AD". He currently illustrates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, published by Panini Comics and is self-publishing his creator-owned title "Tinpot Hobo" which he writes, pencils, inks, colours and letters.

Lawrence lives in Maidstone in Kent.

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