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Ivan Stepanovich Yumashev : biography

October 9, 1895 - September 2, 1972

Ivan Stepanovich Yumashev () (September 27 (October 9) 1895, Tbilisi – September 2, 1972, Leningrad) was a Soviet Navy admiral, Hero of the Soviet Union (September 14, 1945), and Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Naval Forces from January 1947 to July 1951.

Yumashev was the son of a railwayman and joined the Baltic Fleet after finishing school in 1912. He served as a machinist and was promoted to petty officer in 1917. During the Russian Civil War he served in the Volga River and Caspian Sea flotillas. In 1921 he was gunnery officer on the battleship Marat. In 1926 he transferred to the Black Sea Fleet as captain of the cruiser Komintern. He subsequently commanded the cruiser Profintern and destroyer flotillas.

In 1938 Yumashev was given command of the Soviet Pacific Fleet and led it during the war against Japan. In 1947 he was promoted to Commander in Chief of the Soviet Navy in 1947 together with becoming Navy Minister replacing Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov. In 1951 Admiral Kuznetsov was restored to his position and Yumashev was made a deputy of the Supreme Soviet and director of the Naval Academy. Yumashev retired in 1957

Ivan Yumashev was awarded six Orders of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star, and numerous medals. The Kresta II class cruiser, Admiral Yumashev was named after him.

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