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Issa Pliyev : biography

1903 - 1979

Issa Alexandrovich Pliyev ( ) (12 November (25 November) 1903 — 2 February 1979) was a Soviet military commander, Army General (1962), twice Hero of the Soviet Union (16 April 1944 and 8 September 1945), Hero of the Mongolian People's Republic (1971). Member of the CPSU since 1926. He was an ethnic Ossetian.

During World War II, he commanded several mechanized cavalry units, ranging from regiments to army corps. He later commanded the North Caucasus Military District from 1958 to 1968.

Books Authored

  • Плиев И.А.. Через Гоби и Хинган (Thru the Gobi Desert and the Khingan Mountains). 1965.
  • Плиев И.А.. Конец Квантунской армии (The End of the Kwataung-Army). 1969

Honours and awards

  • Twice Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Seven Orders of Lenin
  • Order of the October Revolution
  • Three Orders of the Red Banner
  • Two Orders of Suvorov 1st class
  • Order of Kutuzov 1st class
  • Medal "For the Defence of Stalingrad"
  • Medal "For the Defence of Moscow"
  • Medal "For the Defence of the Caucasus"
  • Medal "For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945"
  • Medal "For the Victory over Japan"
  • Hero of the Mongolian People's Republic
  • Two Orders of Sukhbaatar (Mongolian People's Republic)
  • Order of Red Banner (Mongolian People's Republic)
  • Order of the Polar Star (Mongolian People's Republic)
  • Order of Red Banner (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic)
  • Order of Polonia Restituta (Poland)
  • Virtuti Militari (Poland)
  • Commander of the Legion of Merit (USA)
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