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Infanta Maria Anna of Portugal (1843–1884) : biography

21 August 1843 - 5 February 1884

Infanta Maria Ana of Portugal (or of Braganza; ; full name: Maria Ana Fernanda Leopoldina Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Carlota Antónia Júlia Vitória Praxedes Francisca de Assis Gonzaga of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Braganza; ; ) (Lisbon, 21 August 1843 – Dresden, 5 February 1884) was a Portuguese infanta (princess), the eldest surviving daughter of Queen Maria II of Portugal and her King consort Ferdinand II of Portugal, born Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary.



Her mother died in 1853. She married in Lisbon at the Belém Palace on 11 May 1859 to Prince George of Saxony (1832–1904), second son of King John I of Saxony, a kinsman from the Catholic Albertine branch of her father's Wettin dynasty.

In Portugal, her second brother Luís I soon succeeded her eldest brother Peter V as king.

Her husband's elder brother Albert succeeded her father-in-law as King of Saxony and gradually it became clear that he and his wife Carola of Vasa were not able to have children of their own. Maria Anna's eldest son would almost certain to one day succeed to the throne.

Eight children were born of her marriage:


Name Birth Death Notes
Marie Johanna Amalie Ferdinande Antonie Luise Juliane 19 June 1860 2 March 1861 died in childhood, no issue
Elisabeth Albertine Karoline Sidonie Ferdinande Leopoldine Antonie Auguste Clementine 14 February 1862 18 May 1863 died in childhood, no issue
Mathilde Marie Auguste Viktorie Leopoldine Karoline Luise Franziska Josepha 19 March 1863 27 March 1933 died unmarried, no issue
Frederick Augustus Johann Ludwig Karl Gustav Gregor Philipp 25 May 1865 18 February 1932 married Princess Louise of Tuscany (1870–1947), later divorced, had issue
Maria Josepha Luise Philippine Elisabeth Pia Angelica Margarethe 31 May 1867 28 May 1944 married to her cousin second degrees Archduke Otto Franz of Austria (1865–1906), had issue
Johann Georg Pius Karl Leopold Maria Januarius Anacletus 10 July 1869 24 November 1938 married first Duchess Maria Isabella of Württemberg (1871–1904) and second Princess Maria Immaculata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (1874–1906),
Maximilian Wilhelm August Albert Karl Gregor Odo 17 November 1870 12 January 1951 died unmarried, no issue
Albert Karl Anton Ludwig Wilhelm Viktor 25 February 1875 16 September 1900 died umarried, no issue

Princess Maria Anna predeceased her father Ferdinand, her husband George, and her brother-in-law King Albert of Saxony. In 1902 George succeeded his childless brother as king, and on his death in 1904 Maria Anna's eldest son became King of Saxony as Frederick Augustus III.


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