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Hirotada Ototake : biography

April 6, 1976 -

Born without arms and legs due to a genetic disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome, Ototake is most notable for his 1998 memoir (ISBN 4770027648). Within a year of publication, the book became the third-best-selling book in Japan since World War II. It has since been translated into English.

After publishing his autobiography, Ototake became a successful sports journalist. In 2007, he took a job as a primary school (first through sixth grades) teacher at Suginami Dai-Yon Elementary School in Tokyo. He stars in the 2013 film, based on the events of his own life as a teacher, だいじょうぶ3組 (Daijoubu 3 gumi) Nobody's Perfect (English title).

In May 2013, he complained on Twitter that he was unable to enter a small one-room restaurant without a reservation, accusing them of discriminating against the handicapped. Critics pointed out that one of his own conferences requires that handicapped attendees make a reservation.

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