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27 August 1971 -

Herbie Hide (born Herbert Okechukwu Maduagwu; 27 August 1971) is a British boxer of Nigerian heritage from Norwich fighting in the cruiserweight class. Hide is a two-time world heavyweight champion, having held the WBO title twice including a reign of nearly two years from 1997 to 1999.

Pro career

Hide has fought for most of his career at heavyweight, but later in his career decided to take a step down to cruiserweight. He is known as The Dancing Destroyer and has had a successful career, rising to domestic success at a very young age for a heavyweight. Hide has twice won the lesser regarded (at the time) WBO heavyweight title.

His career began in 1989 with a second round win and he racked up a total of 25 successive wins, all but one inside the distance. His level of opposition was respectable and included fighters such as Craig Petersen, Mike Dixon, Jeff Lampkin, James Pritchard, Jean Chanet, Jerry Halstead and Everett Martin.

At 25-0 (24 kos), Hide challenged Michael Bentt for the WBO heavyweight title in March 1994 at Millwall Football Stadium, Millwall, London. Bentt had won the title by knocking out the heavily favoured Tommy Morrison in one round. Hide outboxed and knocked out Bentt in 7 rounds.

A year later, Hide defended his title against former undisputed champion Riddick Bowe. Hide used his speed to outbox Bowe early on and managed to hurt Bowe several times during the contest, however Bowe's size and class eventually told, and Hide was floored six times. Hide impressed with his courage, repeatedly picking himself off the canvas, before he was knocked out in the sixth round.

After his loss to Bowe, Hide fought twice in 1996, winning both by KO against Michael Murray and Frankie Swindell before earning another shot at the now-vacant WBO title in June 1997 against 38-year old one-time IBF title holder Tony Tucker, despite Tucker losing three of his previous five fights. Hide knocked out the overweight Tucker in two rounds. Hide defended his WBO title twice in 1998 with quick stoppages of late replacement cruiserweight clubfighter Damon Reed, and German Willi Fischer.

In June 1999 Hide faced the 6 ft 8in Ukrainian giant Vitali Klitschko, only the second world ranked fighter he had actually faced after Riddick Bowe. Hide, favoured to win at the time, was knocked out in two rounds.

Hide never featured as a main contender at heavyweight again, his only mildly notable wins coming against Joseph Chingangu (who also knocked Hide out in one of Hide's many comebacks) and Alexander Vasiliev.

In 2006, Hide stepped down a weight division to a more natural weight division at cruiserweight. Since then he has won fourteen successive fights, most of which took place in Germany. Hide defeated Mikhail Nasyrov in December 2007 to win the WBC International cruiserweight title.

In November 2008, when Johnathon Banks dropped out of a WBO cruiserweight title clash at London's ExCel Arena with just four days notice, Hide was announced as a potential opponent for former champion Enzo Maccarinelli, for the vacant title. This was despite Hide having fought just two weeks earlier, a victory against Lukasz Rusiewicz. Hide then fought in the Crusierweight Prizefighter tournament. In the tournament, he defeated Welshman Wayne Brooks by unanimous decision, but was badly cut on the right eye in the process. He pulled out of the tournament to avoid losing his high WBC ranking due to the cut.

Early life

Hide was born in Owerri, Nigeria, and moved to England as a boy. He was educated at Glebe House School and Cawston College.

Professional boxing record

|- |align="center" colspan=8|49 Wins (43 knockouts, 6 decisions), 4 Losses (4 knockouts, 0 decisions) |- | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Result | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Record | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Opponent | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Type | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Round | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Date | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Location | align="center" style="border-style: none none solid solid; background: #e3e3e3"|Notes |-align=center |Win | |align=left| Wayne Brooks |UD |3 |30 April 2010 |align=left| Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Gabor "Big Daddy Fisherman" Halasz |TKO |3 |26 June 2009 |align=left| Völklingen, Saarland, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Sandro Siproshvili |UD |8 |06/03/2009 |align=left| Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Lukasz Rusiewicz |UD |6 |18 November 2008 |align=left| Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Aleksejs Kosobokovs |RTD |3 |04/10/2008 |align=left| Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Nuri Seferi |UD |12 |04/07/2008 |align=left| Ankara, Turkey |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Ehinomen Ehikhamenor |UD |12 |30 May 2008 |align=left| Baracaldo, Pais Vasco, Spain |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Ruediger May |TKO |2 |11/03/2008 |align=left| Halle an der Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Mikhail Nasyrov |TKO |6 |23 December 2007 |align=left| Halle an der Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Mircea Telecan |TKO |1 |21 September 2007 |align=left| Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Aleh Dubiaha |KO |1 |16 June 2007 |align=left| Ankara, Turkey |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Pavol Polakovic |KO |6 |27 April 2007 |align=left| Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Valeri Semiskur |KO |1 |24 March 2007 |align=left| Alsterdorf, Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Mitch "Hold My Beer" Hicks |TKO |1 |23 September 2006 |align=left| Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States |align=left| |- |Loss | |align=left| Mindaugas Kulikauskas |TKO |3 |12/03/2004 |align=left| Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Alexander Vasiliev |TKO |5 |04/10/2003 |align=left| Wood Green, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Joseph "No Pressure" Chingangu |KO |1 |27 May 2003 |align=left| Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Derek McCafferty |TKO |7 |16 April 2003 |align=left| Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Loss | |align=left| Joseph "No Pressure" Chingangu |TKO |2 |22 September 2001 |align=left| Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Alexey Osokin |TKO |3 |14 July 2001 |align=left| Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Loss | |align=left| Vitali "Dr. Iron Fist" Klitschko |KO |2 |26 June 1999 |align=left| Millwall, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Willi "De Ox" Fischer |TKO |2 |26 September 1998 |align=left| Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| "Dangerous" Damon Reed |TKO |1 |18 April 1998 |align=left| Manchester, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Tony "TNT" Tucker |TKO |2 |28 June 1997 |align=left| Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Frankie "The Tennessee Stud" Swindell |KO |1 |09/11/1996 |align=left| Manchester, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Michael Murray |TKO |6 |06/07/1996 |align=left| Manchester, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Loss | |align=left| Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe |KO |6 |11/03/1995 |align=left| Las Vegas, Nevada, United States |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Michael Bentt |KO |7 |19 March 1994 |align=left| Millwall, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Jeff Lampkin |TKO |2 |04/12/1993 |align=left| Sun City, North West, South Africa |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Mike "The Duke" Dixon |TKO |9 |06/11/1993 |align=left| Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Everett "Bigfoot" Martin |PTS |10 |18 September 1993 |align=left| Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Jerry "Wimpy" Halstead |TKO |4 |11/05/1993 |align=left| Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Michael Murray |TKO |5 |27 February 1993 |align=left| Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Juan Antonio Diaz |TKO |3 |30 January 1993 |align=left| Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| James Pritchard |TKO |2 |12/12/1992 |align=left| Muswell Hill, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Craig Petersen |TKO |6 |06/10/1992 |align=left| Antwerpen, Belgium |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Jean Chanet |TKO |8 |08/09/1992 |align=left| Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Percell "Magic" Davis |KO |1 |03/03/1992 |align=left| Amsterdam, Netherlands |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Conroy Nelson |TKO |2 |21 January 1992 |align=left| Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Chris Jacobs |KO |1 |29 October 1991 |align=left| Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Eddie Gonzales |KO |2 |15 October 1991 |align=left| Hamburg, Germany |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Tucker Richards |TKO |3 |03/07/1991 |align=left| Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| John Westgarth |TKO |4 |14 May 1991 |align=left| Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| David Jules |TKO |1 |09/04/1991 |align=left| Mayfair, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Lennie Howard |TKO |1 |29 January 1991 |align=left| Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Steve Lewsam |TKO |1 |18 November 1990 |align=left| Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Gus Mendes |KO |2 |17 October 1990 |align=left| Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Jonjo Greene |TKO |1 |26 September 1990 |align=left| Manchester, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Steve Lewsam |TKO |4 |05/09/1990 |align=left| Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Alex Penarski |TKO |3 |27 June 1990 |align=left| Kensington, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Steve "The Green Goblin" Osborne |TKO |6 |19 December 1989 |align=left| Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Gary McCrory |TKO |1 |05/11/1989 |align=left| Kensington, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |- |Win | |align=left| Lee "L.A." Williams |KO |2 |24 October 1989 |align=left| Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom |align=left| |}

Personal life

Hide has also been arrested a number of times. In December 2003, Hide was "attacked by a group of men" in a Norwich night club. This resulted in his subsequent arrest and conviction for "possession of an offensive weapon, a 10-inch kitchen knife," for which he was fined £750.

In September 2008, Hide was warned by Norwich magistrates that he faced 75 days in jail £3,767 of outstanding motoring fines were not paid by 30 November 2008. During a television interview in July 2008, Hide claimed that promoter Frank Warren "had dishonestly and corruptly bribed Johnny Nelson to retire and give up his WBO cruiserweight title." When Warren sued for libel, Hide failed to respond and a default judgment of £35,000 was entered against him.

Hide appeared at Norwich Crown Court, charged with rape, but was found innocent on 20 July 2011 after "the prosecution offered no evidence."

On 18 March 2012, a man in his 20s was fatally stabbed at Hide's home. A suspect has been arrested for murder in connection with the incident. Police said they believed Hide was not home at the time of the killing. Retrieved 20 March 2012

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