Henri Sorvali

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Henri Sorvali : biography

19 October 1978 –

Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali, born October 19, 1978, in Finland, is the guitarist and keyboardist of the pagan metal band Moonsorrow, and keyboardist for Finntroll, and also plays for The Wicked.

He also played keyboards on a few occasional gigs with The Rasmus in the late 90’s. He has also played in bands called Thunderdogs and Lakupaavi (a side project done as a joke by members of Moonsorrow), and played as a session musician on Ensiferum’s self-titled debut album and Glittertind’s mini-album Til Dovre Faller.

Sorvali gets inspiration from bands like Anthrax, Bal-Sagoth, Bathory, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, Helheim, Maze of Torment, Merciless and Thyrfing. His idols are Frank Zappa, Danny Elfman, and Jeremy Soule.

He is the cousin of Ville Sorvali, frontman of Moonsorrow. He has also worked as a music teacher in the Sibelius-lukio (Sibelius High School) in Helsinki.