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Hasan Saka : biography

00 1886 - July 29, 1960

Hasan Saka (1885, Akçaabat – July 29, 1960) was a Turkish politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister of Turkey.

Political career

He graduated from "Mülkiye Mektebi" (School of Civil Service) in 1908. Hasan Saka started working for government in "Divan-ı Muhasebat" (Court of Accounts). He was sent to France for further education by the Ottoman government in 1909. After graduating from the School of Political Science with a Diplomacy major, he returned home to continue his prior job.

He was elected as a member of the Ottoman Parliament in Istanbul at its last term and kept his position until the parliament was closed. He was elected as a member of Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) from Trabzon at its first term on January 28, 1921.

Saka was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs on September 13, 1944. He quit this position on September 9, 1947 when the entire cabinet resigned.

He was appointed as Prime Minister on September 10, 1947. He resigned on September 9, 1949 but continued to be a member of parliament. His political life ended in 1954 when he decided not to run for the parliament again.

He died on July 29, 1960 in Istanbul, and was laid to rest at the Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

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