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Harvey Rosen was the mayor of the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada from 2003 to 2010.

Rosen was born in Kingston and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from York University in Toronto, and a Bachelor of Law degree from Queen's University in Kingston. He was called to the Bar in 1977. Rosen was elected the council for the former Kingston Township in 1994 and in 1997 to the Board of Control of the newly amalgamated City of Kingston. He practiced law until 2000, when he joined the family firm of Rosen Corp. Ltd., a family-owned firm, which at one point included Rosen Fuels, an oil company founded by Rosen's father.

Rosen was elected the 94th Mayor of the City of Kingston on November 10, 2003. Following controversy over a downtown entertainment complex development, he was re-elected for a four-year term on November 13, 2006, by a slim margin of 730 votes, winning over runner-up candidate and councillor Rick Downes. He did not seek reelection in 2010.

Rosen is of Jewish background, and was the first Jewish mayor of Kingston. Rosen is also past president of Kingston's Beth Israel Congregation His family were originally from the Lithuanian town of Anyksciai, which was almost wiped out during the Second World War. He has been married twice and has two sons.

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