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7 November, 1980 -

Gervasio Deferr Angel (born 7 November, 1980 in Premià de Mar, Barcelona) is a former gymnast from Spain, who started in gymnastics at the age of five, and became the number one athlete of his country in that sport.

He became the Olympic champion in men's vault at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney (scored 9.712) and has repeated the feat at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens (scoring 9.737 average — vault 1 scored 9.687; vault 2 scored 9.787). Each of his ankles show a tattoo with the logo of one of these two Olympic Games. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing he won the silver medal on the floor exercise with a score of 15.775.

He considered floor exercise as his favorite event and has had some success in major competitions. He finished in second place with the silver medal on floor at the 1999 World Championships of Gymastics with a score of 9.750 points, which he repeated eight years later with another silver medal at the 2007 World Championships as well as two titles in the same apparatus in the World Cup of Gymnastics:

  • World Cup 2000 in Ljubljana, Slovenia — 9.688 points
  • World Cup 2001 in Paris, France — 9.625 points

He also finished second at the 2002 World Championships on floor exercise but the medal was taken away after he tested positive for marijuana.

A curious aspect of Deferr's personality is his stating that he considers sleeping a hobby. He also has an iguana as a pet and likes Japanese and Korean cultures.

He has appeared on the Japanese game show Sasuke (Ninja Warrior in the United States), failing to complete the first stage. He was unable to make it over the 15 foot wall.

In January 2011, he announced his retirement.

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