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Gangsta Blac : biography

11 November 1974 -

Gangsta Blac is a rapper native of Memphis, Tennessee. He was formerly associated with the group Three 6 Mafia, with his underground album, Breakin Da Law, and mainstream debut album, Can it Be?, being produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J. He left the group around 1996 and has released a number of solo efforts on different record labels ever since. Gangsta Blac should not be confused with Crunchy Black, who has also left the group.

Gangsta Blac became greatly recognized after his song "S.O.U.T.H Parkway" on his 1999 album, 74 Minutes of Bump, which got airplay in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Houston.

With the success of his 2001 album, Down South Flava, Blac's music extended beyond the streets of Memphis & throughout most of the South.

Now, Blac is in charge of his own label. As of 2002, he is head of Taylor Made Records, named after the street he grew up on in his old neighborhood of South Memphis. Blac has released one album on this label, Da Undaground King, and has a new album coming out, entitled Parkway Drama.

He is now a part of the New Prophet Camp.


  • Breakin Da Law (1994, Prophet)
  • Can It Be? (1996, Prophet)
  • I Am Da Gangsta (1998, Super Sigg)
  • 74 Minutes of Bump (1999, 404)
  • Down South Flava (2001, Koch)
  • Da Undaground King (2002, Mouth of the South/Taylor Made)
  • The Mayor and the Pimp (2002, Rap Hustlaz)
  • Gangsta Blac (2004, On Lock)
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