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March 24, 1892 - October 10, 1952

Archbishop Gabriel Martelino Reyes (March 24, 1892 - October 10, 1952) was first Filipino Archbishop of Manila, the Primate of the Roman Catholics in the Philippines. He was first appointed as the Archbishop of Cebu from 1934 to 1949 and then served as the Archbishop of Manila from 1949 till his death in 1952.


Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes was born on March 24, 1892 in Kalibo, Capiz to Filipino parents. He entered St. Vincent Ferrer Seminary in Jaro, Iloilo City at the age of 13, during the time of Bishop Frederick Rooker. He was ordained a priest by Bishop Dennis Joseph Dougherty of then Diocese of Jaro on March 27, 1915. He was immediately appointed coadjutor parish priest of the Cardinal becoming its parish priest after a few months.. Bag-ong Lungsoranon. Retrieved on 2012-02-27.

As the parish priest of Balasan, Iloilo in 1915, he covered sixteen small islands with neither roads, chapels nor convents but only ruins amidst increasing number Aglipayan and Protestant churches. He became the parish priest of Capiz, Capiz (now Roxas, Capiz) in 1918. On July 20, 1920, he was chosen as the Diocesan Chancellor and Secretary by Bishop James McClosky of Jaro, while at the same time, the parish priest of Santa Barbara, Iloilo. In 1927, he became the vicar general of Jaro.

Monsignor Gabriel Reyes was ordained Bishop of Cebu on October 11, 1932 by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Guillermo Piani, S.D.B., with the assistance of Bishop James McClosky of Jaro and Bishop Alfredo Verzosa of the former Diocese of Lipa. Two days after, he was installed in Cebu. On April 28, 1934, after more than three centuries the Diocese of Cebu was elevated by Pope Pius XI into an Archdiocese with Bishop Gabriel Reyes as the its first Archbishop.

He was installed as the Archbishop of Manila on October 14, 1949, the first Filipino to hold the post, after the death of Archbishop Michael J. Doherty.. Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica. Retrieved on 2013-02-27.


Among Archbishop Reyes' tangible achievements were the renovation of the Cebu Cathedral which was bombed during World War II. He established the San Carlos Seminary and parochial schools. He published the officer newspaper, Diaro-Kabuhi Sang Banua. His vision to build a Catholic center when he became archbishop of Manila was realized by his successor with the building of the Pope Pius XII Catholic Center on U.N. Avenue in Manila. The Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Library (AGRM Library), the resource center of the San Carlos Pastoral Formation Complex, was dedicated in his honor.

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