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Fujiwara no Tadahira : biography

880 - September 14, 949
was a Japanese statesman, courtier and politician during the Heian period.Nussbaum, Louis-Frédéric. (2005). "Fujiwara no Tadahira" in ; Brinkley, Frank et al. (1915).  

He is also known as Teishin-Kō (貞信公) or Ko-ichijō Dono (小一条殿) or Ko-ichijō daijō-daijin.


Tadahira was a kuge (Japanese noble) who is credited with writing and publishing Engishiki. He one of the principle editors responsible for the development of the Japanese legal code known as Sandai-kyaku-shiki, sometimes referred to as the Rules and Regulations of the Three Generations.Brinkley,

Tadahira served as regent under Emperor Suzaku who ruled from 930 to 946.

  • 914(Engi 14, 7th month): Dainagon Tadahira was named udaijin.Titsingh, Isaac. (1834). ; see "Fousiwara-no Tada fira", pre-Hepburn romanization
  • 931(Enchō 9): Tadahira was appointed sessho.
  • 936 (Jōhei 6, 8th month): He assumed the role of daijō-daijin.Titsingh,
  • 937 (Jōhei 7, 1st month): He presided over the coming of age ceremony of Emperor Suzaku.
  • 941(Tengyō 4): He became kampaku.



This member of the Fujiwara clan was the son of Mototsune. Tadahira's brothers were Fujiwara no Tokihira and Fujiwara no Nakahira.Brinkley, Emperor Murakami was the maternal nephew of Tadahira.

Tadahira took over the head of the Hokke branch of the Fujiwara clan in 909 when his elder brother Tokihira died.

Wives and progeny

He was married to Minamoto no Junshi (源 順子), daughter of Emperor Kōkō.

They had a son.

  • Fujiwara no Saneyori, also known as Ononomiya Dono (小野宮殿).Nussbaum, "Fujiwara no Saneyori" in ; Titsingh, - Kampaku for Emperor Reizei 967-969, and Sesshō for Emperor En'yū 969-970

He was also married to Monamoto no Shōshi (源 昭子), daughter of Minamoto no Yoshiari.

They had several children.

  • MorosukeNussbaum, "Fujiwara no Morosuke" in . - Udaijin 947-960, grandfather of Emperor Reizei and Emperor En'yū
  • Moroyasu (師保) - priest
  • Morouji (師氏) (913-970) - Dainagon 969-970
  • Morotada (師尹) (920-969) - Sadaijin 969

Daughters' mothers were unknown. (She might be Junshi or Shōshi.)

  • Kishi (貴子) (904-962) - consort of Crown Prince Yasuakira
  • Kanshi (寛子) (906-945) - consort of Imperial Prince Shigeakira
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