Francis Vielé-Griffin bigraphy, stories - French poet

Francis Vielé-Griffin : biography

May 26, 1864 - November 12, 1937

Francis Vielé-Griffin (May 26, 1864 – November 12, 1937), was a French symbolist poet. He was born at Norfolk, Virginia, USA and was the son of Egbert Ludovicus Viele.

Vielé-Griffin was educated in France and divided his time between Paris and Touraine. He was a writer of vers libre and founded the highly influential journal Entretiens politiques et littéraires (1890–92).


His volumes include:

  • Cueille d'avril (1885)
  • Les Cygnes (1887; new series, 1892)
  • La Chevauchée d'Yeldis (1893)
  • Swanhilde, a dramatic poem (1894)
  • Laus Veneris (1895), a volume of translations from Swinburne
  • Poèmes et Poésies (1895), a collection containing much of his earlier work
  • Phocas le jardinier (1898)
  • La Légende ailee de Wieland le Forgeron (1899), a dramatic poem.
  • L'Amour sacré (1903), poems
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