Felix Bernstein bigraphy, stories - German Jewish mathematician

Felix Bernstein : biography

February 24, 1878 - December 3, 1956
Not to be confused with poet Charles Bernstein's son, Felix Bernstein.

Felix Bernstein (February 24, 1878, Halle, Germany – December 3, 1956, Zurich, Switzerland) was a German Jewish mathematician known for developing a theorem of the equivalence of sets in 1897, and less well known for demonstrating the correct blood group inheritance pattern of multiple alleles at one locus in 1924 through statistical analysis. He studied under Georg Cantor.

In 1934, after Hitler's rise to power, Bernstein was deprived from his chair. Bernstein then emigrated to the USA. After the war, Bernstein returned to Europe and died of cancer in Zurich on December 3, 1956.

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