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Feliks Zamoyski : biography

- 1535

Feliks Zamoyski (died 1535) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic).

He became the voivode of Bełz Voivodeship in 1514, the Łowczy of Chełmno in 1517, and the Wojski of Chełmno, Tax collector (poborca) of Chełmno and Belz in 1524. He also became the District Writer of Chełmno in 1525 and the Podkomorzy of Chełmno.

In 1517 Feliks and his brother Mikołaj received a payment of debt in the amount of 1,000 florins from Jan Ostrowski, a wealthy landowner from what is now known as Skoków. Zamoyski used a portion of the collection to fund the building of a fortified castle which was used in a 1529 battle to repel an invasion by the Lipka Tatars. His grandson, Jan Zamoyski, founded the city of Zamość upon the small village that blossomed around the family manor in 1580 and became its first ordynat.

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