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Faustino Imbali : biography

1956 -

Faustino Fudut Imbali (born 1956) is a Guinea-Bissau politician who was Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau from 21 March 2001 to 9 December 2001. As of 2012, he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Imbali ran as an independent candidate in the November 1999 presidential election and placed third, winning 8.22% of the vote., African Elections Database. After the victory of Kumba Ialá of the Party for Social Renewal (PRS) in that election, Imbali was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic and Social Reconstruction in the government named on February 19, 2000, under Prime Minister Caetano Intchama., Afrique Express ."Guinea-Bissau: Agency gives full cabinet list", PANA news agency (nl.newsbank.com), February 22, 2000. Subsequently, in the government named on January 25, 2001, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs., Afrique Express .. When Intchama was dismissed by Ialá in March 2001, Ialá nominated Imbali as his successor, despite the objections of the opposition, which held a majority in parliament., IRIN, March 21, 2001. The opposition filed a no-confidence motion against Imbali but subsequently conditionally dropped the motion., IRIN, May 2, 2001. In December, Imbali was dismissed by Ialá, who criticized him strongly., BBC.co.uk, December 8, 2001., IRIN, December 10, 2001. Accusing Imbali of diverting money from the armed forces (which Imbali denied), Ialá warned Imbali in April 2002 that he would go to jail unless he returned the money., IRIN, April 8, 2002.

In 2003, Imbali founded the Manifest Party of the People (PMP) and ran as its presidential candidate in the 19 June 2005 presidential election, winning 0.52% of the vote.

Imbali was reportedly beaten and taken into custody by security forces on 5 June 2009 in violence directed against alleged coup plotters, including Baciro Dabo and Helder Proenca., AFP, 6 June 2009.

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