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Ezekiel Cheever : biography

January 25, 1614 - August 21, 1708

Ezekiel Cheever (1614–1708) was a schoolmaster, and the author of "probably the earliest American school book", Accidence, A Short Introduction to the Latin Tongue., accessed July 15, 2011 Upon his death, it was said that "New England [had] never known a better teacher.", accessed July 15, 2011 He has been called "the chief representative of the colonial schoolmaster".


Cheever came to Boston, Massachusetts in June 1637. Not much later, he went to New Haven, Connecticut and taught school. In 1650, Cheever moved the family back to Massachusetts.

On December 29, 1670, Cheever was invited to become Head Master of the Boston Latin School. In all, Cheever taught for seventy years, the last thirty-eight of them as master of the Boston Latin School.

Noted Reverend Cotton Mather gave the sermon at his funeral.Hassam, JT (1879) Ezekiel Cheever and some of his descendants, David Clapp & Son (via )


Cheever's notable pupils included Cotton Mather and Samuel Sewall.

Ezekiel Cheever School was named in his honor.


In 1638, Cheever married Mary Culverwell, his first wife. She was the daughter of Ezekiel Culverwell, niece of Nathaniel Culverwell and cousin of William Gouge. Ezekiel and Mary had six children. Their daughter, Elizabeth, was grandmother of Ezekiel Goldthwait.John Singleton Copley portrait, Their son, Rev Samuel, graduated from Harvard in 1659. Mary died on January 20, 1649.

On November 18, 1652, Ezekiel married Ellen Lathrop who was the sister of Capt Thomas Lathrop, a casualty during King Philip's War.Perley, Sidney (1924) 'The History of Salem, Massachusetts' () Ezekiel and Ellen had five children. Their son, Rev Thomas, graduated from Harvard in 1677. Their son, Ezekiel Cheever, was a resident at Salem Village during the time of the Witch Trials.

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