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January 14, 1965 -

Ellis Paul (born Paul Plissey; January 14, 1965) is an American singer-songwriter and folk musician. Born in Aroostook County, Maine, Paul is a key figure in what has become known as the Boston school of songwriting, a literate, provocative and urbanely romantic folk-pop style that helped ignite the folk revival of the 1990s.Alarik, Scott. Sound choice. Boston Globe, April 24, 1998. His pop music songs have appeared in movies and on television, bridging the gap between the modern folk sound and the populist traditions of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.EllisPaul.com. Retrieved January 10, 2007.

Having grown up in a small town in Maine, Paul attended Boston College on a track scholarship where he majored in English. An athletic injury sustained during his junior year changed the course of his professional career.Gerwetz, Daniel. Passim hosts balladeer. The Boston Herald, Friday, February 19, 1993. Paul picked up a guitar to pass the time while sidelined, and discovered that playing guitar and writing songs was the creative outlet he had been looking for. After graduating from college he began playing at open mic nights in the Boston area while working with inner-city school children. Paul's growing popularity at Boston coffeehouses, coupled with winning a Boston Acoustic Underground songwriter competition and national exposure on a Windham Hill Records compilation combined to give him the confidence to resign his day-job and pursue a career as a professional musician.Wood, Arthur. FolkWax E-zine. Retrieved February 17, 2007. (Free with registration.)

To date, Paul has released 18 albums and has been the recipient of 14 Boston Music Awards, considered by some to be a pinnacle of contemporary acoustic music success. Hughes, Troy. for Writer's Write, June 2000. Retrieved January 13, 2007. He has published a book of original lyrics, poems, and drawings and released a DVD that includes a live performance, guitar instruction, and a road-trip documentary. As a touring musician, Paul plays close to 200 dates each year and his extensive club and coffeehouse touring, together with radio airplay, has brought him a solid national following.Healy, Benjamin. Boston College Magazine, Summer, 2004, p. 3–4. Retrieved February 10, 2007.


In September 2003 Paul released Side of the Road, a duo album recorded with good friend Vance Gilbert. The two songwriters, who have often shared the stage, each chose four cover songs to record - individual favorites - plus one song of their own. Although the album did not start out as a "9/11" project, the inclusion of Mark Erelli's "The Only Way" set a theme. A review in No Depression magazine said this about Paul and Gilbert's choice of songs:

"Thematically they're mostly about individuals — indeed, an entire planet — in desperate need of healing. To that end, Paul's original tune "Citizen of the World" is a wonderful balm, as he and Gilbert trade lyrics about the crossed bloodlines, attitudes and experiences that make us all brothers and sisters. Their version of Van Morrison's "Comfort You" works magic of a similar sort."Durcholz, Daniel. Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert: Side of the Road. No Depression. #48, Nov-Dec 2003, pp. 147–8.

Sugarland's first holiday album, Gold and Green released on October 13, 2009Morran, Chris. Oklahoma Magazine, August 31, 2009. Retrieved August 31, 2009. includes "City of Silver Dreams" and "Little Wood Guitar", co-written by Paul and Kristian Bush.Jurek, Thom. [ Sugarland: Gold and Green.] AllMusic.com. Retrieved Oct. 12, 2009.Bjorke, Matt. Roughtstock.com. October 12, 2009. Retrieved October 14, 2009. In his review of the album, Matt Bjorke wrote, "City of Silver Dreams" could actually find itself a seminal holiday song like Joni Mitchell's "River" as it tells a wonderfully soft and melodic story of New York City and the beauty of a new romance within the context of Christmas."

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